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08-04-2012, 07:31 PM
I suggest this joint!!

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Buffalo Corral Barbeque
I finally was able to get to Buffalo Corral Barbeque only a week after they opened. This can still be a trying time for a new place, but I braved the lines (and boy is there a line in this place) and we all went, the wife and her 'rents, and a couple friends and my lil'st sister. I will be back, this is no doubt, let me tell you why.

The first thing I like about the place is the atmosphere, it's got it. It feels like a down home 'que joint. It feels like a ranch house. It feels like barbeque should feel here in Arizona. Not trying to duplicate that which has been done before, however creating a pleasant welcoming atmosphere none the less.

Once I grasped the ordering system it made sense, I opted for the (2) meat + two option and chose ribs and brisket, the wife went for pulled pork under the (1) meat+two as well, the +two is your choice of 2 sides, and the number before the meat represents the different meats you choose it also comes with a drink. I had okra, and coleslaw, wifey had okra and fries.

It was packed inside, so the 7 of us decided to eat on the patio outside, which was pleasantly decorated in such a way that it felt the "outsiders" were included. The theme from inside, that comfort level, that ranch feeling was carried to the outside patio.

The ribs, were a bit skinny, but they were there. What I mean is, the flavor is there, the texture is there and the look is there. These ribs are not quite up to say "competition" par, but they are by far better than most ribs I have gotten at other 'que joints. The texture FINALLY is not a fall off the bone overdone sloppy mushy mess, there is a defining bite to them. It's tender, and there is no need to say gnaw on the bone to get the meat off, but it doesn't slide off, it's cooked like a proper BBQ rib should be cooked.

Moving onto the brisket. Ohhh the brisket... this I have to admit, is the best RESTAURANT brisket I've had. I've had some horrible pot roast tasting (not that potroast is bad, but when I want BBQ brisket...) and I've had dry to the bone (well there is no bone in brisket...) I've also had brisket that was well overcooked, and mushy. Back to BCB's brisket. It has the texture, that I desire in a brisket, that slight tug when I pull the slice apart with my fingers, slightly elastic, before it tears apart. I appreciate that they serve the point sliced up, oh the wonderful point with it's fatty goodness full of flavor. BCB is using mesquite, and I can taste it, oh it's fantabulous!! yeah it's a word....

I snagged some of the wife's pulled pork, some of the good stuff, you know, the bark, and some of the other stuff too, and was pleased with the texture and flavor there as well. I love the fact that I can get the meats dry (no sauce) which seems foreign to some other joints... usually covering up for poorly cooked meat. The pork stood out on it's own with nice crusty bark, and deep flavorful porky goodness, which was complimented well by the more vinegary sauces.

The sides, how could I almost forget the sides, Coleslaw: spot on for what I like. Crispy, sweet, and tangy. The okra was as okra should be, slightly crispy on the outside, and ooey gooey on the inside.

Speaking of Sauces, they have 3 signature sauces. All of them are liquidy, vinegary, and full of flavor. (when I go to a 'Que joint for the first time I always try all of the sauces) I was unprepared and forgot to get the names of the sauces, but they have an original sauce that is middle of the road, as far as flavor goes, not too hot, not too sweet but very complimentary to the meats. There is a spicy rendition, that the sister and I both enjoyed, and last there is an awesome sweet sauce, that balances vinegar and sweet quite nicely.

My overall impression is, Buffalo Corral Barbeque is here to stay. It's a local joint with good food prepared simply, and served fresh and hot. I will be back, and I'll bring the camera next time.

08-04-2012, 08:30 PM
Thanks! Love the review and this will be on my list. Next time, bring your camera. From your description, I'd love to see some pics. :thumb:

08-05-2012, 08:08 PM
tha camera will be there next time!!