View Full Version : Q near Hilton Head Ga.

07-25-2012, 06:19 PM
Heading there for a long weekend. :biggrin1: Anybody know of any good Q joints?

07-25-2012, 06:44 PM
I'll be there for a week starting Sunday.

07-25-2012, 07:40 PM
I had no idea Hilton Head had been taken over by Georgia. I need to start paying closer attention to the news!! Was there a war? Was it a friendly takeover? Did Hilton Head secede from SC? :razz:
As for BBQ, if you find yourself moseying a couple hours to the South along 17, you'll find Southern Soul on St. Simons Island. The best I've ever had. I do remember seeing a LOT of roadside stands around Savannah, Beaufort and Hilton Head. Can't recommend any, but I can't think of a better way to spend a few days than sampling and reviewing as many as you can. Have a great trip!!