View Full Version : Nasty pork smell on comp cuts.

07-16-2012, 05:45 PM
I am sure some of you have experienced this but at last weekend's comp I opened up the bone in butts to get to prepping....nasty sour rancid smell overcame the tent. I knew it wasn't good, but the color was fine and liquids were clear, so I rinsed it well and got to prepping. Smell wasn't gone. Had to go to our backup butts, boneless ones.

I cooked them off to see if there was a chance at recovery, as I had read about sows in heat, testosterone, boar, packing issues and that some of them actually came out fine. This was not the case, pulled one piece off and that sour smell was there. I saved one butt and brought it back to the store and said "shove your head in this cooler and tell me that is something you would serve". Without question my money was refunded, but man, I will certainly be trimming my butts at home from now on. That was a tough adjustment to make when I had chosen some good money muscle. Consequently we got slaughtered in pork this weekend.

07-16-2012, 06:03 PM
It can happen. Sometimes even when you carefully inspect the cryo for holes and check the kill date to make sure you are getting fresh pork you can end up with spoiled meat. All it takes is a bit of improper handling/storage when the driver leaves cases on the dock for a few hours before they make it into the walk-in.

We had a couple bad packs of thighs this season, and another team I know of had pack of three sour racks of ribs. Definitely easier to deal with mid-week at home than at a contest three hours from your regular suppliers.

PS - I wouldn't have put them in my cooker if the bad smell persists after rinsing. In the worst case, they could spread bacteria to your good meat, in the best case the rotten butts are going to donate their stink to your good meat. Next time, just save the labels and trash them. Any decent vendor is going to take your word and give you a full refund, and if not you don't want to be their customer anyway.