View Full Version : Smokin up a storm/norman ok

07-15-2012, 12:34 PM
Rich and I just got back from Smokin up a Storm from Norman Oklahoma, a first time event with 48 teams. It was a great contest with big team names and 100% CBJ's. We were quite impressed with Matt Armstead's organization skills and his ability to adapt to bumps along the road.

A congrats goes to Grand Champion Hogs on the Sauce and Reserve JP Custom Smoke. Great to see Mike and Debbie, Lotta Bull and Donnie Teal, Buffalos BBQ walking. Also great job Habitual Smokers and Butcher for your calls. (Too many great teams to name here-see results on KCBS.us)

There was a little different twist to the Kid's Que event. There were 3 age groups 6-10 cooking hamburger, 11-14 smoking pork chops, and 15-17 with tri-tip. Congrats to Jackson Miller in the 6-10 division, Bailey Kee in the 11-14 division and Marisa Hernandez in the 15-17 division. But a big congrats to all the kids who entered. All of them did a fantastic job! :clap:

Rich and Bunny Tuttle