View Full Version : Vending the ball field

07-10-2012, 08:48 AM
I was approached by our local Rec Dept to cook for their upcoming 9-10 boys and girls ball tournaments. I'll be cooking pulled pork, hamburgers, nachos, BBQ nachos. I have also been thinking of selling chicken legs. The rec dept is selling all of the candy, drinks, chips, and hotdogs. I'm trying to make sure my price line is right.

Hamburger $3
Pp sandwich $4
Nachos $3
BBQ Nachos. $4
Chicken leg. $2

Also if anyone could share some ways to hold the hamburgers and chicken that would be great.

07-10-2012, 10:08 AM
Take your costs and multiply x 3 for a fundraiser, non-profit kind of thing.

Say you're serving a 4 oz sandwich, quarter pound that is, you lose around 40-50% of raw product, if you're paying around 1.50/lb for shoulder meat (might be cheaper down south), then you're spending about 75 cents per sandwich in meat. Bun, 10/15 cents, sauce, 10/15 cents, rub, charcoal, etc. $4 sounds about right. Just check your numbers.

Make sure you're either set up for catering legally or be sure your a temporary employee of the Rec. Dept so you don't get sued if someone claimed to get sick of your food. Be careful and good luck! :grin: