View Full Version : Business Proposal for Commercial BBQ Restaurant

07-01-2012, 06:58 AM
I am in Beijing,China. I am manufacturer of charcoal smoker,specially for low temperature and long time smoking. My smoker can keep pit temperature at 225F or meat temperature at 140 to 150 F for up to 10 hours AUTOMATICALLY

I can invest a few smokers in a BBQ business and ask for certain share.
Instead of a big smoker, You can have one small smoker for beef, one smoker for lamb, one smoker for pork, one smoker for chicken.

If you run a motel, you may have a self-service BBQ restaurant mainly for the BBQ fans. If you have a 20 rooms motel, you may need 20 pieces of smoker.
You can organize competition every week, every month and every year.
Prize for winners is free coupon of the restaurant, wireless thermometer, brine injector, BBQ knife and fork, Power draft controller, and the smoker. I can supply the hardware as my investment and ask for certain share.

I am most interested in partnership with financial investors.
To create a BBQ chain restaurant or motel. In the same business mode as KFC or McDonald