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09-25-2005, 06:47 PM
My post bash write up.

Just sitting down, on the road to recovery.

God I love the midwest bash the most. Why? I am home in 1 hour versus the 5 hour trip to Long Island. Its just more restful, knowing you got a hot shower waiting 60 minutes away. Left at 12:15, and was home by 1:15. Great ride home. Found 2 new restaurants I want to try.

Rainy today. Held off just long enough to get a bash in. Ron, Bob, Greg, and I all had plenty of pop up EZ Up canopies. Only needed 3, but had another couple if needed. We would have put them up,,,later.

Miller Genuine Draft Light, Rolling Rock, Lite, Tequila, Rum, and a few waters were my beverages this weekend. I was up until 3:30am Friday/Saturday, so I by no means over did it. I was like one of them new hybrid cars. Very fuel efficient.

Saturday was a different story. I was shiit faced at about 9pm, but "functional" till about midnight. Then I went down for the night.

What I ate. Let me think, for I'll miss a few. Mista has a rub and a sauce there. I had Ronelle's bb ribs with Mista's bbq sauce. As always, 2 bites "naked", 2 bites sauces. Had the Mista rub on the flapper cut from a rack of spares. All of it, rons ribs, mista's sauce and rub, all of it was awesome.

Phils prime rib was great again. As usual, my best friend saved the end peice for me. Loaded with spice and rub and such. And Greg is also my best friend, but we are not able to share on "kid" issues that much. But other that that, we do the tripod mod. (See you in Largo Greg,,,,or maybe later)

Mista was one of them working on breakfast Saturday. Breakfast burritos and fresh salsa. Good chit. Puppy peters were the course variety, I prefer the JD variety, but these were still Good!.

Jalepeno sausage and hot links. Only had a little piece of these, as I didnt want to spend the evening in the yellow room (I miss the yellow room)

3 Cheese Devil Breadsticks from Satan were pretty good. And a cranberry salsa was rumored to be tested in apple pie. It was certainly good on a tortilla chip.

Beans. Bobs beans were amazing. Better than when I had them in my. Marks beans, which subsequently showed up in Huevos Rancheros today, where said to be good. I unfortunately didnt try them, because of perported "heat" to them. Had they been there Friday night, I would had them. But by Saturday night, Sunday morning, I knew my insides could not recover from that much heat.

Brisket came off late Saturday. 2 briskets and 2 pulled porks were like 15 hours or something. In at 9am, out around midnoght or later. I unfortunately missed that. Should not have started drinking at 2pm with a shot of cabo and then rum after that.

E threw on 2 fatties early today. Said it wouldnt be a bash without a fattie. I didnt have any. I am just about fattied out.

Kinda felt it was my bash, or that it my place to play "pseudo-host" since it was an ILFo bash. Spent lots of time dumping trash, washing dishes, fetching stuff. Tried to help "the cookers" when they need it. Saw Neil ribbing, helped him wrap. Ron was wrapping, helped him out too. Pit bitched a bit, and took care of the bonfire. Not looking for cudo's but wanted attendees to take in the bash for what it is...fun.. not work. And that helping stuff I did isnt work for me, its therapy. I do it all the time. I asked TBird if she needed help with dishes, she said no, I said you sure?, she said no, I said I really wouldn't mind, she said go nuts I'm not gonna argue. We then had one of the most pleasant conversations of the weekend, while I did the dishes, and she stood talking to me on a subject that here and I can relate.

There was no chili, but there never has been at an ILFo bash. Its different than the LI bash, and it should be. This was Bash number 6 for me, if memory serves. This has been one hell of a ride, to say the least. But I think my string of consecutive bashes is shortly coming to an end. I love them, but its getting to be a strain physically to do these things. I have a strong feeling that 2006 will only see me at Gregs, or at the other thing he is looking into.

MoFo's: Where the fark were you? Mark and Scotty where there, and it was great to see both of them. But shock, NTHole, DaveW, and about 15 others that I see in the member list, what happened? Your on the west coast of the Mississippi, not the west coast!

This travelog is about over. Last items: I had a great time, I loved spending a weekend with my closest friends, and I'm glad to be home.

Tomorrow night: Soccer practice. 6yGirls. I'm head coach. Back to reality.

I think I'll plan out tomorrow nights practice.

Fark it, I'll get to that,,,,later

09-25-2005, 06:54 PM

No day time internet, no cell signal, no nothing, was also a god send. Caught shiit for not answering messages I never got, but wife understood and has been great since the moment I got home.

Great end to a great weekend

09-25-2005, 07:01 PM
I wanted to be there, but it just didn't work for me. I ended up judging in Hermann, MO where a bunch of the MOFO's were.
I'll be there next year no matter what. Sign me up now.

09-25-2005, 07:11 PM
Bash Cherry Busted!

Great write-up, Bill! What a great time! Don't think that we didn't notice your help! I'm the unofficial trash bitch of the Big Fella's BBQ team, but it was nice to have help!

Let me see if I can fill in any gaps...

Friday night... Jerky, spares, Neil's nuts (great smoked almonds! Thanks, Neil!), more jerky, garlic cheese

Saturday... Mista's Cantelope Pico de Gallo (sp?), fresh roasted coffee (we all needed that!), my Baby Backs, Mista's spares, various chip/salsa/cheese combos, Mark's beans (they really weren't THAT hot), Bob's beans, prime rib, butts, briskets, jalapeno man muscle and hot links. Mark's tomato and tomatillo salse (great stuff!), ABT made out of Mark's baby poblanos.

Oops... almost forgot the spicy cantelope! (Mista slicede up the cantelope with the same knife used to cut some habs. I took a bite and my lips were burning. I mentioned it to Greg and he grabbed a piece and it wasn't hot. Later, Phil grabbed a piece and his was also hot! Pertty funny!)

Sunday... Huevos Rancheros with Marks beans and salsa. Two fatties rolled in Cherry Chipotle rub.

I am SOOOOOO full!

Beverages... Cabo, Captain Morgan and Diet Coke w/lime, beer, lots of water... Waking up twice to use the tree...

Don't forget the bon fire and the annual Spam Sacrifice ritual!

We never did use the log splitter to open a can of spam, and we never ate the greens that Mark brought or the country ham! Later...

It was great to meet a bunch of brothers who I have gotten to know through messages. Phil... Great guy (for a Ney Yorker... :lol: :lol: ), Neil (and Marcy), Big Mista, John (Badger), Belly Bro, Belly 2, Belly Dave, Big Dog, KCQuer, Mark and his son Scotty, and of course, Bill, Greg and Bob!

Thanks to Greg and T for hosting!

09-25-2005, 10:00 PM
Sounds like a great time! Sorry I missed it. But if Greg's still looking into the contest and 20 acres for the Brethren at Kankakee next year, count me in now! Glad ya'all had a great time!