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06-18-2012, 01:52 PM
Brethren Report.

This weekend was my 3rd year entry into the world of competition BBQ. This was a KCBS licensed event, with 13 teams. I have 7 members on my team. 1 whose done it all three years with me, 2 who've done it twice, now; and the rest who were complete and utter 'boil them ribs and put them on a gasser' rookies.

Turn in times for this event started early..with Chicken @ 9:30, then Ribs, Tri-Tip and sauce. Now, I know it's not 'official' but the KCBS judges were there, and we're very helpful to the whole lot of us, explaining how you all do it for real.

I am very happy to report, that this year, our team took 3rd in Ribs, Tri-Tip, and Showcase (or Chef's choice)...!!! We finished 4th overall...about 8 points off of Reserve Grand Champion. That means I get to improve!
The pr0n, is as follows.


Bone in Rib-Eye

Now...I do want your criticism, as you can see it.

I know now not to include faux burnt ends with Tri-tip. The report was that we nailed it, but they had to judge the box holistically. So it brought the average down. And...we need better knives for our ribs. Them are sloppy cuts, but they were the best we could manage.

Across the board, our 'taste' scores were lower by about 1 pt. than our appearance and tenderness. How can you improve on taste? While biased, I'll say we didn't have much depth to our chicken ribs or rib-eye. I know some inject, but that can change the tenderness, yes?

I found a rib thread here, that I am indebted too. (see below). I followed it to the 'T' and missed 2nd place by .0482 points. I'd hate to have to inject to get the taste points only to lose something in the process.

Our chickens were about 1.5 to 2 lbs. only (for everyone participating) so there's not much to do there as everyone is at the same handicap.

We only had 30 min to get our showcase in order. A bacon mishap cost us some on the bacon wrapped asparagus, but the coal roasted sweet potato with maple butter did well, and the judges asked if they could take the leftover steak home!?! :mrgreen:

Now, I could be a pessimist, and say they just wanted the bone for Fido, but I'll be optimistic, and think on it as a true compliment. There was only about 1/3 of the monstrosity left for each of 'em.

Once again, without THIS (http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=102352) thread, and the inspiration of the cave man throwdown thread, I know we wouldn't have done as well as we did.

Once again, the Brethren came through. Thank you all, thank you for looking and enjoy the pr0n....

Contracted Cookers
06-18-2012, 03:27 PM
looks good nice job