View Full Version : Big BBQ Bash Brethren?

The Cosmic Pig
06-17-2012, 09:18 AM
It was nice to meet a couple of the Brethren while competing at the "Big BBQ Bash" in Maryville, TN this weekend! But I have to admit in one case I can't remember the gentleman's name or team name that I met at checkout since I was so out of it from lack of sleep and exhaustion! Please accept my apology, and refresh my memory! I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly from team "Uncultured Swine," and got to see his team's great new trailer! They also placed very well, I believe, but I was sitting in my truck in the parking lot listening to the awards call-out and couldn't hear real well (the Harley-Davidson business where the event took place basically tried to run us off before all of our "business" was concluded, and pretty-much succeded). Anyway, it was great to meet both of you! Were any more of the Brethren there?

06-17-2012, 03:29 PM
I'm saddened to know that I'm not memorable. Not really, long day preceded be a long night. Our team is Firehouse Smokers and I'm Terry. I recognized your team name when you got a call from your signature here on this forum. I did the customary walk around Friday night and must have missed your site. We were right at the front gate. Congrats on your call!

The Cosmic Pig
06-17-2012, 03:54 PM
Hey, Terry! Glad you found my post! I wasn't able to get any sleep Friday night, so large parts of yesterday are still a blur! I was thinking about meeting you and I couldn't even remember if I told you MY name or not! I was being sponsored by the company I work for (Alcoa), and I cooked way more than usual so I could feed our folks after turn-ins. I also did it alone! Lots more work than I want to do while competing EVER again! :wacko: But anyway, it was really nice to meet you and, again, I apologize for being so spacy! I really was a "cosmic pig" yesterday! Stay in touch!