View Full Version : First two comps with our lucky Brethren Banner. (Pr0n)

05-21-2012, 12:53 AM
Well we have two comps under our belt so far. They were local St. Louis BBQ Society (SLBS) sanctioned events. They operated essentially under the same guidelines as KCBS. They were each just under twenty teams. I know it has been said before, but it's worth repeating. It would not be possible for new teams and new competitors to prepare for our first events if it was not for the contributing members of this forum. You all are always willing and ready to answer questions or provide advice even though the same questions are asked over and over again, from time to time. How long are you suppose to boil those ribs for? Lol. Sorry, couldn't resist. :grin:

Ok, ok, I will stop rambling. We didn't do too bad for our first time out. The first event we took 5th in ribs, 6th in chicken, and 10th overall. We tanked in pork and brisket. The second event we took 7th in ribs but got a 3rd place call for chicken, with an 8th overall. I have read it many times before but never really believed it when teams would say that they placed the best when they thought it was the worse. Our chicken was an epic fail and I was fighting a losing battle with the Chicken. We were down to only two minutes to turn in and I was so unhappy with it, I was ready to pitch it and not turn it in. Well we did, and somehow ended up in 3rd.

I am going to chalk it up to our new BBQ Brethren Banner that came in the day we were leaving for the comp. I couldn't wait to get there to hang it up It must of brought us some great luck. I have added a few pics. Again, thanks to everyone for always being ready and willing to help out the new guys. :)