View Full Version : What's in store!

05-03-2012, 01:27 PM
Our shop, Yah Butz, in Siren, WI has been open for the season for about 3 weeks now. This week Ice Cream makes it's return but more importantly a new rib is joining our take n' heat line up! Now we will not only be offering loin backs but, St. Louis Cut Spareribs. You can get them in sauced in a tray with four, 3-4 bone sections or in the party pack that comes with four whole racks and 2 jars of sauce.

Oh, as an added bonus, this week when you are checking out, mention "Baby Butz" and receive 5% off your sauce purchase.

If you've never been to our shop, it really is worth stopping in to see for yourself. :becky: :thumb: