View Full Version : Pit Rental Near Greenwood SC?

04-25-2012, 06:22 PM
I'm wanting to take my team up to do the Greenwood SC contest this summer, but we'd need to vend up there to help finance it. I've got an OH on a trailer but would have to drive a second tow vehicle to get it there and would like to avoid that if possible (1,000 miles RT). Anyone know of a similar style pit in the area that could be rented? I'd need it all day Friday and most of Saturday (7/13 and 14). Thanks for any help!

04-25-2012, 06:28 PM
Yeah rub I can hook you up.my hometown cookoff.there will be a lot of vendors there though.

04-25-2012, 06:31 PM
Wow that was quick! We've vended it in the past and Greenwood seems to like our food so I feel comfortable there. PM on the way, thanks.