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04-20-2012, 03:13 PM
Knight of Columbus Belle River Presents. 2nd annual Whole Hog BBQ competition & Music festival June22-23 ,2012.

So for all you Michigan and Ohio guys we are only 20 minutes once you cross the Bridge or tunnel into Canada. So not very far for all those that want to make it over. plus Canadian beer eh !

This is not your traditional BBQ competition. This is a Chicken and Whole Hog competition. Friday will be the chicken portion of the competition. Turn in time 5pm. Saturday is the Whole Hog with Turn in time at 2pm . There will be 2 on sites , 1st 2:15 and 2nd 2:30pm As well there will be an amateur rib Comp. saturday morning.The K of C supllies teams with chickens and a 100 lbs Whole hog to cook. The awards for the chicken category will be friday night before the KISS tribute band " DESTROYER" goes on Stage . Amateur and Whole Hog Will be around 4pm saturday afternoon.

The K of C web site will be up shortly but entry forms can be found at:

Whole Hog Rules:http://canadiansouthernbbq.com (http://canadiansouthernbbq.com/)

Please contact me for more info: jules.m@canadiansouthernbbq.com

Thanks and hope to see some of you there


04-27-2012, 09:13 AM
Another Awesome Canadian Event

Did this last year and there was nothing but a great reviews from the public and the competitors. Also great for Americans, no meat to transport across the boarder, Hogs and Chickens provided, no extra costs.

Haul over your cooker and spices and get to work,

05-01-2012, 04:27 PM
Fire, Fat, Fun. All good!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!