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04-08-2012, 09:44 PM
For those that trim your meats the night before, how do you store them until inspection?

I know that ziplock has two gallon bags. Have you ever tried those? Do you think that they would hold a standard size brisket or a large pork butt?


04-08-2012, 09:52 PM
I stored a 9 pound brisket in one this weekend. You could probably get 2 butts in one.

04-08-2012, 10:00 PM
I vacum seal.

04-08-2012, 10:11 PM
Weston Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer.

Rich Parker
04-08-2012, 10:14 PM
I vacuum seal ribs, chicken, and brisket. Pork I trim in site.

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04-08-2012, 10:51 PM
I vacuum seal ribs, chicken, and brisket and either trim pork on site, or put the two butts in one of those big ziplocs

04-09-2012, 12:54 AM
Ziploc makes bigger bags than that. Try their XL bags - 10 gallons. You can put 4 butts in them, or 2 monster briskets, or a half dozen racks of ribs no problem. Save the 2 gallons for the chicken.

04-09-2012, 01:04 AM

04-09-2012, 08:17 AM
Whatever you do, please pay attention to cross contamination: Don't put your chicken in a bag, getting some on the outside of the bag, place the bag in a cooler of ice, and then store your parsley in that ice, for instance......


04-09-2012, 09:32 AM
2 gallon bags everytime here. 4 racks of ribs in one 2 butts in one and a 14 ib brisky or smaller in another. if the brisket is two big i just wait till im on site to trim. i put 20 thighs in a 1 gallon to cut down on the amount of brine needed

04-09-2012, 11:06 AM
@ ZBQ....do you have a source for this 10 gallon zip lok bags...I can't find them


early mornin' smokin'
04-09-2012, 11:20 AM
ace hardware has the giant ziploc bags. They aren't labeled as food bags, they're marketed for storage. They work great thou. I don't use them, get all my meat from a butcher and he puts it all in clear plastic bags with twist ties. 1 Cooler for meat, 1 cooler for everything else.

04-09-2012, 12:11 PM
@ ZBQ....do you have a source for this 10 gallon zip lok bags...I can't find them



You get them online through Amazon:

04-09-2012, 12:22 PM
We use HEFTY brand 2.5 gallon zip bags. The 2 gallon ziplocs don't seem quite large enough and the really big bags are pricey. You probably won't find them at your grocery store. The 2.5 gallon bags are $3 per dozen at walmart. BJ's carries them too. Not sure about Costco or Sam's.


04-10-2012, 02:22 AM
Thanks to all for answering my threadjack question!!!

04-10-2012, 02:28 AM
Patrick, Lowes has them as well if you have them in your area

04-10-2012, 03:35 AM
Xl Ziploc work great sold at everyone's favorite place wallyworld

LoneStar Smoke Rangers
04-10-2012, 10:01 PM
Vacuum Seal!!!

04-11-2012, 01:35 AM
no bags here, just good old fashioned plastic wrap, and lots of it.