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04-03-2012, 08:01 AM
First of all thanks to all that contribute...the information here is awesome:clap2:
My name is Woody and I love to cook..I had a mortgage business for a while but that's another story. I am thinking of doing some catering, competitions, and retail sales of sauces, rubs and t shirts.

Being my name is Woody I would like to use it but we have a Woody's bbq in town already (not as good as mine:mrgreen:) ..and I don't want to be associated with it ...I also am thinking of catering to business and other events so a name like "the other woody" or smoking woody's maybe cute but mat not be acceptable to all "just not sure"..I do have a name that I think I am going to use that is available. I thinks to start at as a sole proprietor and file a fictitious name. I have a friend that has a restaurant that I can use his kitchen and address for health code purposes... I am working on what I need to do for the pull behind to be compliant. Do most of you start or operate this way ..I am checking on Liability Insurance and would considering Incorporating if it makes sense and my accountant feels I should .....

I have some other friends that have catering business's and hope to pick up the BBQ side that they don't do...along with other events I do from time to time I normally just charge a 100-300 bucks to cook onsite for the day and let them cover cost of goods....It looks like some of the vending. festivals, concessions, can be a lot of work the risk and the reward...I don't mind cooking at school and sports events more just to get my name and food out in the public...it seems like the catering is more controlled and more profitable....I could be wrong on that ........

04-03-2012, 11:38 AM
Good luck my brethren! One bit of advice from a "consumer" standpoint and simply as an observer of start up catering businesses. The desire of getting into the BBQ business seems to be growing in popularity (or at least in my area). I've watched several come and go over the last few years. One of them I knew on an acquaintence level.

He started out in a local gas station that allowed him to rent a section of the station that already had kitchen and serving space. He started off doing that and "small" to "medium" size catering events. Long story short he officially went out of business last month and exhausted a lot of personal funds in his two year venture. His problem? Average tasting bbq and he didn't distinguish himself from similar businesses in town. He didn't have a niche that made his product/service different from anyone else in town. I stopped in several times to see him and I'd buy something to support him and though his Q was better than what the average person could do themselves. It wasn't any better than the low end chain bbq restaurant up the street who charges $5.99 for what he's charging $7.99. BTW, the chain restaurant also caters.

I'm not trying to be a negative Nellie. I'm throwing something out there from a consumer standpoint that I've seen. If you don't have an identifiable niche in what you do or serve you could stand to lose a ton of money.

04-03-2012, 02:57 PM
How about I Have A Woody BBQ :)

I hope all goes well for you, it is a tough business but what isnt these day's

04-03-2012, 05:47 PM
I am agreed with Bama. You have to find a niche and also market yourself well.
As an example. I myself live in Austin where there are a ton of bbq joints. There isn't anyone representing the flood of folks moving here from VA,TN, Carolinas, GA, FL, MO etc. That means good luck finding pulled pork, burnt ends and spares, and the ones that can do them well are even fewer. Only a couple that I know of. Of course I will be doing brisket, turkey breast and sausages. I also will be doing a one weekend a month special of pastrami, turkey pastrami and reubens for the folks from back east. Reason I am only doing once a month is because that is how long my recipe takes for the meat being in the brine.
Also marketing, my team name and business name was simple. My nickname is Bear and there should never be any left over meat on dem bonez. The logo which is to the left was simple. It is kitschy and that kitschy and bbq go together. The cartoonish style will grab attention of kids who have a way of manipulating parents. Also there is a thing called color psychology. Red is said to insight compulsive behavior and yellow insights hunger. Now whether I believe that or not, I am trying to cover all the bases.

04-05-2012, 07:41 PM
Thanks for the input..Had a Kayak I named morning wood.....Was going to use broken bottle que...I agree Red is the color of passion......I have had request to cook at friends get together s and some support to take the next step ..I think and have been told my food blows away the local joints hands down...ya gotta believe it ..if not you why try it ..I have tried a couple competitions and place around 6th out of 30 teams...I plan on taking my time and working with a local college to develop a business to make sure I am going to be able to show a profit or be worth the investment ... Thanks again for the help ...for now I just keep researching......