View Full Version : True Cold Smoke Generator with Ice & Water Cooler

04-03-2012, 03:16 AM
There are different designs of cold smoke generator.
Smoke is produced by in complete burning of fuels like saw dust, branch, chips, pellet.
Burning must produces heat.
The so called COLD SMOKER is nothing but to mix fresh cold air with hot smoke.
Yes you can lower the temperature of smoke, but it can not be COLD unless you are in both poles.

By Ice and water cooler, you can get really COLD smoke.
Also by the cooler, the smoke will condense heavy components to soot.
The smoke will look light and clean.
The food will taste not too bitter and will be more healthy to eat.

Cold Smoke Generator
Type I: Dia.63X300 mm
or Dia.2.5"x12" inches
Fuel Capacity 0.4 Litres
Ex-works US$50
Sea and land mail US$30
Air and Land(SAL) mail US$50

Cold Smoke Generator
Type II: Dia.89X400 mm
or Dia.3.5"x16" inches
Fuel Capacity 1.25 Litres
Ex-works US$80
Sea and land mail US$40
Air and Land (SAL) mail US$65

Ice and Water Cooler
Corrugated pipe inside
Dia.89X400 mm or Dia.3.5"x16"
Ex-works US$50

Smoke Generator type I
Plus Ice and Water Cooler
ex-works US$90
Sea and land mail US$60
Air and Land (SAL) mail US$90

Smoke Generator type II
Plus Ice and Water Cooler
ex-works US$110
Sea and land mail US$70
Air and Land (SAL) mail US$100