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03-23-2012, 05:59 PM
I am hoping to get back to comp cooking again this year. I build my pit about 15 years ago and in worked great for cook offs.
Question is my fire box door opens on the side with cooker doors and not to the rear. I did this to be able to load wood and tend the pit from one side. Am I the only persone with a side door and why rear door openings

Pork Barrel Project
03-23-2012, 09:53 PM
I've been to somewhere around 200 contests by now and have to admit that that I've never seen an offset with a door on the side.

I imagine most pits are designed with the door on the end in order to ensure a decent draw of heat and smoke.

I know of a team with an offset that didn't have a bottom to the firebox. Just a grate. The temerature was controlled solely by the number of logs burning at any one time. It produced some great food but was a bear to tend because it needed feeding every 20 minutes all night long.

It's an interesting idea you've come up with for your convenience. Good on you for thinking outside the box.

03-23-2012, 10:28 PM
I had my Lang built with the fire box door opening on the same side as the pit doors like yours. My incoming Yoder will be set up the same way. The way it will be set up on my trailer a rear-opening door wouldn't fit. Been working great for me.

Balls Casten
03-23-2012, 10:31 PM
Kingfisher's have them on the sides. It allows you to light the fire from one side and load from the other.

We have a stoker fan on one side and push hot coals towards that side and load fresh coals behind them. It keeps the "fuse" principle working.