View Full Version : Swingbelly"s BBQ Long Beach, LI 2012

03-14-2012, 10:57 PM
Current spouse and I were invited out to Long Beach, LI today to visit my son Morgan. He and his NYPD partner live there and both work in Queens precinct 105. We had dinner at Swingbelly's and I am pleased to report it is doing quite well in my humble opinion. Since Morgan wanted 1/2 a chicken, I was hankering for some ribs and current spouse was thinking brisket, we decided to go with the Swingbelly's platter for 3 which had all of that, plus some pulled pork and choice of 3, count 'em, 3 sides and also 3 sauces on the side.
That suited us fine as we like to enjoy the results of the pit and add sauce if we want. The sides were mac/cheese which was awesome, cole slaw which was above average and sweet potato fries done to a turn. My half rack of St. Louis ribs were very meaty and tender with a nice char/bark redolent of the dry rub. Morgan polished off his 1/2 chicken easily and current spouse gave the brisket a nice thumbs up. Our waitress Kara was very knowledgeable and is one of the originals. I mentioned in passing my bbq experience and connection with the Brethren and she made sure the owner Dan knew of our presence and he came out to meet with us and talk bbq before we left. He knows his stuff, very friendly and very committed to making sure the food is as good as it can be. They will be expanding soon to Lynbrook, LI soon and I am confident he and his staff will strive for BBQ excellence there as well.
We enjoyed our meal, the portions are very generous, (we took some home for snacks this weekend) and if you are ever in Long Beach, be sure and stop in at Swingbelly's, you'll be glad you did.

Mark M
03-14-2012, 11:01 PM
It's good to know where to go for some good BBQ. Sounds like you all enjoyed it. Will keep that in mind if I'm ever in the area. Thanks.