View Full Version : Cookers needed for non sanctioned comp.

03-13-2012, 06:28 PM
I've participated in this comp since the inaugural about 8 years ago. The Oconto Nebraska VFD "Blowin' The Doors Off BBQ". They have upped the number of cook teams to 15 this year.

Some details:

-No entry fee.
-No payout.
-The VFD supplies all the meat to cook. You are essentially cooking for the crowd, about 400lbs total'team. Brisket, spares, loin, beans and pork butt.
-The turn in categories are same as above, but include specialty (anything but), and sauce.
-The VFD will give you a check (I think it was $250 last year) to help with some costs. They supply the charcoal (Kingsford Blue, they usually have two pallets that they place in the middle of the grounds). Supply the cook team with a case of beer at about noon the day of.

I realize that this isn't a money making venture for anyone but the VFD, however, it is fun, laid back. They present plaques for 1-3 in each category and a trophy for GC.

This would probably be good for a fledgling catering company trying to get their names out there. Or, maybe just some friends with a large cooker wanting to have a good time and cook.

PM me if you are interested.