View Full Version : Universal Multi Purpose Thermostat Temperature controller for electrical or charcoal smokers, PID, Programmable 8 Phases

03-12-2012, 11:43 AM
Unique Features:
#1. Up to 8 Temperature Phases.
#2. True heavy duty, long time sustained maximum current 15A
#3. Big aluminium chassis for heat radiation
#4. Timing count down or accumulated
#5. Slow Temperature rising alarm from one phase to next phase
#6. Neighbor friendly Alarm ON/OFF button
#7. Self Tuning parameters of P,I,D.
#8. Plug and play. Cord and Sensor are included
#9. 110/240 VAC fan is available for charcoal burning smoker

#1.Electrical Smoker by controlling heating element
#2. Charcoal burning smoker by controlling a 110/240 VAC fan
#3. Sous Vide used with an rice cooker
#4.making yogurt,
#5 proofing dough,
#6.control the temperature of a table top toaster oven,
#7 converting a freezer to a low temperature incubator for beer formation or sour dough yeast storage.

Input voltage: 80 to 260 VAC 50 /60 Hz
Output voltage: Same as the input voltage SSR.
Maximum Current: 15A for long working time
Control Action: Heating or cooling
Control Mode PID, PI, PD P or On/off
Self Tuning: Self determine parameters of P,I,D.
Sensor type: Three conductors Pt100 RTD sensor
Sensor tip dimensions: 8 mm diameter x 150 mm long.
Sensor cable length, 6 ft (2 meters)
Alarm: High /Low Temperature
Alarm ON/Off button Neighbour Friendly
Temperature accuracy: 1C (1F)
Temp.Phase: 1 to 8 phases up to your programming
Timing: Count Down, or Accumulated
Temp. Rising Alarm If too long from one phase to rise to next
phase, it will alarm
Chassis: Alumium
Dimension: 9.5x8.8x3.8 inch (245 x220x95 mm)


03-12-2012, 10:31 PM
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