View Full Version : Hattiesburg, MS

07-10-2005, 09:38 PM
Got stuck for an hour and half on HWY 49 due to a log truck overturning on my way back from Gulfport. As soon as you start seeing little buildings going North into Hattiesburg, their is a little BBQ place on the right. It's called Three Pigs BBQ. My 1 year old was ready to be out of the car seat, so we ate there. Girl at the counter recommended the pulled pork. Got the small sandwiches(1/4lb) for me and the wife. As my son was running a terror through the place, we sat down and inhailed the pork. A little on the dry side, but very good. The spicey BBQ sauce was good, and my wife said the sweet was good also. Potatoe salad wasn't very good. It was the loaded baked potatoe salad. We prefer yellow versions. The onion rings we also good. When I could catch my boy, I'd put a pinch on pork in his mouth, and he'd stop long enough to eat it. Took a pound of the pork for the road. This will be a place I stop again.