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01-27-2012, 11:47 PM
So my Masonic lodge is looking for another "once per year" activity to pull off and I've been thinking "Rib Shootout". I like the idea of a one-day event with the awards ceremony around 6pm or so. My city has an awesome brick square and I'm pretty sure I could snag use of it (blocked off) for the day for a charity/social event that brings people to the city. I also think this could develop into a fun, well-attended yearly event due to our location (30 miles South of KC). So, I'm looking for any and all advice on what to start thinking about in order to pull this off. Some thoughts that come to mind are...

1) How many staffers will I need to pull this off?

2) I might be able to set it up in conjunction w/ another small event that also uses the square and draws people. Would that be a good idea?

3) Entry fee? All to prizes and trophies? I'm not worried about making a boat load of money on this thing. It's more to showcase our lodge, our city, and our square.

4) We'd like to do it on a Saturday in the summer, but would a Sunday work better so we might draw some teams from the city that were at a sanctioned comp on Friday and Saturday?

5) Names? Burnt District Rib Shootout, Cass County Rib Shootout, Grand River Rib Shootout, Brick Square Rib Run, Grand River Rib Run, etc., etc., etc.?

What else? I know that there are 100s of questions I need to be asking. Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated.


01-28-2012, 09:22 AM
PM sent

01-28-2012, 11:17 PM
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Thanks Brother! I'll be in touch w/ questions. I may come out to check out your comp this year.

Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller? Any and all ideas are welcomed.

Bbq Bubba
01-29-2012, 09:42 AM
I put on a Rib Burn at Lockharts the last 2 years basically by myself. 15 teams last year. Its do-able.
Get your prize money UP FRONT! Dont expect teams to pay for their own prizes. Get a couple sponsors.
DO NOT plan on making money for yourself, put all donations to a charity.

01-29-2012, 11:47 AM
Get your prize money UP FRONT! Dont expect teams to pay for their own prizes.

I don't think there is anything more important than what Bubba just said. Remember last year in St. Louis?

01-30-2012, 03:28 PM
This isn't a fundraiser for the lodge, but like you said, a charity event. I'm OK w/ starting small. I'm guessing it will be mostly local teams with maybe a few from the city. I'm not sure how much prize money would be acceptable (in addition to trophies.)

01-30-2012, 09:21 PM
I organized a Buck A Bone fundraiser for my fire company. We had a local pork distributor give us a smoking deal on ribs plus a 500 dollar donation so we got 24 cases of ribs and it cost us peanuts lol. We did 3 ribs for 5 dollars each ticket book of 3 tickets had 1 voting ticket. Team with the most votes wins. It worked out great. We didn't have a rib leftover !! We also sold hamburgers and hotdogs and a 5 dollar plate of traditional sides cole slaw corn bread and beans. We made a pretty good profit the teams had a blast. Things to consider are an event to draw people in ie arts and crafts fair or a car show. Also you might want to do have a judged portion where the teams turn in a box of ribs and they get judged so teams have some bragging rights

Good luck feel free to PM me


01-31-2012, 12:45 PM
We would come if was not on a competition day!

02-01-2012, 01:34 PM
Great! Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it. We have lodge tomorrow night and I'm going to see if this thing's got legs. I'm sure if we move forward with it I'll be asking lots more questions.


02-01-2012, 04:40 PM
No advice here. My parents live just south of Harrisonville and I've been there many times. Very cool town and definitely a cool town square. Love the Family Center.
Best of luck to you.

02-01-2012, 05:19 PM
No advice here. My parents live just south of Harrisonville and I've been there many times. Very cool town and definitely a cool town square. Love the Family Center.
Best of luck to you.

Thanks! Next time you come through, can I borrow your FatBoy for a year or two? :)

Just Pulin' Pork
02-01-2012, 05:27 PM
We would come if was not on a competition day!

Bret be careful I know this guy and he can cook! Hey Shane in case you are wondering I know 71 South I used to work with him. Bret in all honesty if you want to get a feel for what a contest is really like come out and hang with us at Pleasant Hill, 3-30-12 and 3-31-12. Moo Cow will be out there and I will be volunteering also. We can show you the ropes and get any answers you want from Jeff and Stan the Organizers of the contest. The run an awesome contest.


02-01-2012, 05:55 PM
I'm planning to check out the Pleasant Hill contest this year. I'll definitely come by and see you.

I've gathered that about moocow. My guess is that he could beat me in a rib shootout even if he was forced to boil the ribs and use ketchup.

For this rib shootout, I'm not planning on cooking. I'm going to need to focus fully on making sure it runs smoothly. I just think it could be a pretty neat yearly thing for the town and our lodge. Plus, I can think of some killer t-shirts.

Just Smokin' Around
02-01-2012, 10:52 PM
Just a couple of thoughts from a cook team perspective. If it's only a one day contest, a small entry fee is fine. I think most teams will do it if they know the money is for charity or is for the prize pool. You may want to advertise the charity you're helping. Can the public buy/eat the ribs? Might need health dept. 1-day permits. Do I have to supply my own ribs? If so, how many racks? If you supply the ribs (meat sponsor), that will be a big help. Teams might not be able to afford putting out 8-10 racks on their own. There's a contest on the east coast that gives each team a case of ribs from a meat sponsor. If you have turn-in judging, think of adding chicken or chef's choice as a second category. Make it as easy for the teams as possible.

02-02-2012, 11:25 AM
Hey Bill,

Good questions. I'm only counting on 100-200 people visiting the event, so I don't know if selling ribs is going to be the best option. I'm afraid we might end up w/ a crap load of unsold ribs. Maybe next year, once we get a feel for the crowd...

For now, I'm thinking the teams will supply their meat and the entry fee will be around $50. We're looking at a summer backpack program for kids in the area for our charity. It's an extension of the backpack program that the school puts on that sends nutritious food home with underprivileged kids. We've also supported Hope Haven, the local shelter for abused women and children.

It's going to start out pretty small, but I'm fine w/ that. I have a hookup for pretty inexpensive trophies/plaques, so that will help. I'm leaning toward just paying out all of the entry fees to the 1st through 3rd place teams. For the fundraiser aspect, I think my lodge is going to have a booth that sells burnt ends or brats or something like that.

We may add another category. I'm not sure what yet. I do like the cook's choice idea... or sides... or beans.

I'm not counting on a lot of money this year. It's more of a trial run to see if it's well received and if we want to continue to have it, grow it, etc...


02-02-2012, 08:53 PM
I'm planning to check out the Pleasant Hill contest this year.


I'll be cooking at Big Creek - feel free to stop by & say "hey."

As Shane said, if your contest isn't on a weekend I have a contest, I'll definitely consider cooking your rib contest. Just keep us updated on the dates and specifics.