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12-07-2011, 04:55 PM
Man there's a lot of classes out there right now! Here is a link to mine on Feb. 10-11: http://www.swampboys.com/wordpress/?p=530 I am a very active one man team cooking 25+ contests each year for the past 5 years, and placing 2nd, TOTY, TOTY, 4th, and 3rd in the FBA Team of the Year race for those 5 years. This is not a mega-class, it will be kept small so there can be lots of one on one interaction. I have over 23 years of teaching experience, 8 years of competition BBQ experience, 31 GC's and 24 RGC's. I've had people come in from Canada and almost 20 states to take it.

This is a techniques class and has produced and continues to produce lots of first time GCs, RGCs, category winners, etc. Read more about it at the link above.

This class is outside and lakefront; it should be a beautiful setting :becky: Come to Winter Haven in February and let's talk barbecue.

12-08-2011, 10:50 AM
I took Rubs class in October in Baltimore. I flew in from Kansas City on a Friday morning. I was unaware that the class would be held outside in the alley of a tavern next to the dumpster. I should have asked more questions. We got word Friday afternoon that it was going to snow 4 inches on Saturday, and it did. It was 32 degrees, and snowing heavily during the entire class. We were under two tents, huddled around a portable table freezing our a**es off. (A heater would have been nice, at least for the wives ) An indoor backup plan would have been well thought out and well appreciated.
When he says "one man show", its all that. I felt that he was greatly un-organized. And as far as "techniques", why not just turn on youtube? If you really want to learn winning bbq secrets and tricks of competing, take Rod Greys class or Johnny Triggs. They really tell it all, sauces, rubs, everything. You will walk away with your moneys worth. Im looking forward to Butchers class in January, he also tells all.
P.S. I would check the weather forecast for Winter haven, the weather is unpredictable in January and February.

12-08-2011, 01:49 PM
Wow, really?

First off you and your buddy stiffed me $100 on the class fee. You still owe me. I have never been cheated out of money in all of my dealings with BBQ people, hell Ė any people for that matter - so that tells me something right there.

The class was advertized as being outside, and it was stated again in my email to everyone who signed up. I canít help that you showed up in shorts and a windbreaker and came unprepared. It did not snow the entire class. Friday was beautiful. Saturday it snowed. Yes it was cold, what a great teachable moment. We donít always get to compete in ideal situations, we have to adapt and overcome. I figured if I, being born and raised in Florida, was doing fine in the cold that you northern guys were too. None of the women said anything to me about being uncomfortable. I am sorry that you were cold, but take responsibility for yourself and dress appropriately like the other 22 people were.

I was not unorganized. I flew in and I borrowed 95% of everything I used. Granted it was not at my fingertips as it is in my own trailer, but it was not unorganized.

My class has NEVER been advertized as a ďtell allĒ or ďrecipesĒ class. I typically donít give any of my recipes but since I was in another state where I donít compete I decided to give the details and every step of my 1st place pork at The Jack, from injection to rub to sauce to presentation. Thatís not on YouTube. Neither are the other half dozen to a dozen other unique things on top of everything else Iíve already mentioned to you. My class is a class to teach the winning techniques and methods that I use to put myself in the best position to win contests. And they work. A few of them may be common to those who compete regularly, so what? I bet there are more techniques in common among winning teams than not. It doesnít make them basic or ineffective. It proves that they work. If you paid attention there was plenty in this class that you had never heard nor seen before for you to earn your money back within a contest or two.

As far as Rodís, Triggís, or Davidís classes go, I bet they are great. I know I would really enjoy taking any of them. There is always plenty to learn from people who are winners. But once you learn it, it's up to you to practice and use it and make it your own. Spend some time doing that.

I have taught over 115 people my Techniques class in the past year and a half, and you and your buddy are the only 2 unsatisfied students. Thatís over a 98% satisfaction rating and Iíll take it, especially considering the source of the complaint.

You have my address, when are you going to pay the money you owe me?

12-08-2011, 02:11 PM
I took Rub’s class last February and drove almost 8 hours one way, spent two nights in a hotel and I think it was $$ well spent. This past season was my rookie year and out of 4 contests I had 8 calls (two were 1st place) and one RGC. I was really close to getting several other calls as well, two 11th & one 12th. I’m not trying to brag, but I think a lot of that had to do with the tips and techniques I picked up in his class. I also had several follow up questions about some of my class notes and he was always quick to respond and answer questions even after the class. Good class brother!
Side Note - As a competitor, I wish he would teach all of his classes outside the Southeast…lol :becky: That might cut down on the competition level around here a bit.

12-08-2011, 03:25 PM
man you know whats funny about that missing 100. rub never even brought it up until 4 days later, for all i know he spent it on the girls. he got that and he knows it. we asked for a refund he sayed take the class over. (thats wasn't going to happen) i think most off all i was greatly disappointed in the whole thing because of the quality of the class that was put on. we deserved better and there are a lot to choose from out there. so choose them wisely. hell you pay 500.00 you should get it all. for the most part there out there and those guys have been the real deal for a long time.

5-0 BBQ
12-08-2011, 03:59 PM

I felt bad about the weather. I checked the weather history for October 29th. Our average temp is 63 degrees. We never planned on bad weather. Rain was all we figured not snow and wind. The week after you left it was in the 60's.

As far as being a alley I said up front I had a parking lot for our use. Here is a picture of the lot.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/376127_195129217228477_111579368916796_444517_1849 498967_n.jpg

12-08-2011, 04:38 PM
Just thought I would share my experience with Rub,
Rub has been nothing but great to me. I was unable to take his class do to being transferred at the last moment. I dropped it on him very last moment he vowed to help me and understood. He stayed in contact with me and kept me well informed as to upcoming classes. I am more than excited to be taking his class in February. I lived right there near Maryland and was told it was a great class. Rub, thanks again for everything and see you in February....

12-08-2011, 05:46 PM
I took rubs class and I've got to say it was GREAT! We went from finishing middle of the pack to pretty consistently finishing in the top 10 with several top 5's. Rub's techniques work plain and simple. It was a great class and rub is a great guy. I've suggested this class to several (especially new teams).

Rich Parker
12-08-2011, 06:12 PM
Looks like shorts weather to me. :-D

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/376127_195129217228477_111579368916796_444517_1849 498967_n.jpg

12-08-2011, 07:39 PM
Its just not worth it.

12-08-2011, 07:44 PM
if you guys want to take a grade a class take rubs. to start off with rub is a stand up guy, and for that guy sat that he spent the 100 on some girls is a joke. anyone that knows him knows what kind of person he is. as far as the class i dont know what he teaches, but his students kick our butts week in and week out. a team that we have never heard of will get a 1 st in a catagory with a top five. then we figure out they are a swampboys protagy. i been competing against rub for two years now, and im tired of getting my butt kicked. im signing for the winter haven class as long as i can work it out in my budget. oh and on post 14 http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=110518

12-08-2011, 09:07 PM
There’s nothing funny about the $100 you stiffed me on. That makes you a crook. I sleep every night with a clear conscience knowing that I am honest; I give everything I say I will and then some. You on the other hand are a thief. When you guys gave me the folded bills it never crossed my mind to not trust you and count it. I folded it up and put it in my bag, and didn’t unpack for a couple of days. A word of warning to the other guys teaching classes – get and count the money up front from Big O’s.
You asked for a refund – I don’t do refunds. You signed up for the class, left early Friday, came back well over an hour late Saturday morning after apparently a wild Friday night, and left early Saturday. I held up my end of the deal. What you choose to take from it or use is up to you. I offered you both a free second class down here where it’s warm and you will be more comfortable. Take it or leave it.
You’re right; there are a lot of classes to choose from. I am humbled when people pick my class to spend their hard earned money on so I bust my butt to give them their money’s worth.
Kyle, Bob, Steve, Steve, and Roger - thanks for the good words of support, I appreciate you guys. Reputation, results, and word of mouth is what counts with classes. I want to keep my good standing.

And Steve/Porkerface, you're being modest. You didn't mention the RGC you just took a couple of weeks ago. :thumb:

12-08-2011, 09:40 PM
We were lucky enough to take Rub's first class he taught and are very happy with everything we took from it. He is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge to share. It is pretty interesting the Big O's had nothing good to say about the class but got his ass handed to him by Swamp Boys at the Plant City Pig Jam a few weeks ago. Guess he probably could have learned a thing or two!

Plant City Pig Jam


Plant City, FL
Starts: 11/18/2011
Ends: 11/19/2011
Website: http://www.plantcitypigjam.com

CBJ Percentage: 100%

Contest Results

1. I A B 30 BBQ - 662.8572
2. Fatt Ashes BBQ - 661.1426
3. 4 Smokin' Butts - 652.5710
4. Swamp Boys - 649.7144
5. Florida Skin and Bones - 648.5714
6. Naked Bones - 646.8570
7. Whiskey Bent BBQ - 645.7144
8. Boca BBQ - 645.1426
9. Great Lakes BBQ & Feed C - 642.2856
10. Florida Boys - 640.5714
11. Government Pork - 639.9996
12. Rock River BBQ - 639.9996
13. BubbaChucks BBQ - 639.4286
14. Team Holy Hog - 638.8568
15. Uncle Kenny's BBQ - 634.8564
16. Smokin' Triggers - 633.1424
17. Big Os BBQ - 631.9994
18. Hot Wachulas - 630.8570
19. Sho Gud Bbq - 630.8566
20. Sweet Smoke BBQ - 627.9996
21. Unknown BBQ - 627.9996
22. Is it Ready Yet BBQ - 625.1428
23. Smokin' Hot BBQ Team - 624.5710
24. The Bigg Pigg Brood - 621.1428
25. Ebs Pit Stop BBQ - 621.1420
26. GB's BBQ - 618.2856
27. Habeas Porkus - 617.1426
28. Smoke on the Lakes - 617.1424
29. BGE Pit Crew - 612.5710
30. Two Crackers Cooking - 611.4284
31. Heavenly Hog BBQ - 610.2856
32. Poppell Insurance - 609.7138
33. Cowtown BBQ - 604.5714
34. Kick Yo' Butt - 604.5714
35. Masterque - 597.7140
36. All Racked Up BBQ - 590.8568
37. Some-R Swine - 586.8564
38. Sun State Smokers - 581.1420
39. Top Tier BBQ - 579.9996
40. Tarheel Cookers - 577.7136
41. Smoking Toques BBQ - 575.4290
42. Fork in the Road - 566.8570
43. Smokin Js BBQ - 561.7144
44. Big Johns Texas BBQ - 557.1426

5-0 BBQ
12-08-2011, 09:49 PM
I forgot to add that Rub allowed Video and Pictures to be taken at the class. It is nice to go back and review it again.

Ken V
12-08-2011, 10:16 PM
My buddy and I took Rubs class in Shannon IL 2010. Could not have been happier with the class or Rub. He answered every question we had and showed us everything he does in a competition. My first contest after the class, I ended up pulling a GC and made well more than the cost of the class.
Actually would like to go to FL. and take his class again in a non competition setting.
Worth every cent.

Thanks Rub!

Dan - 3eyzbbq
12-09-2011, 09:03 AM
Lets see here....

Listen to a guy with a total of 3 posts on the Brethren or support a guy with over 1,100 posts.

100% of the people aren't going to be happy. With anything. And thats fine. But start an account on a forum with the specific purpose to bash somebody, grow up :doh:

12-09-2011, 10:19 AM
Are you kidding me!! Any person that calls themselves a BBQ team would never, I mean never stiff another BBQ brother out of any money. If you were unhappy because you thought you new it all before you got to Rub's class than you should have known it was gonna snow on Saturday. For you to resort to bashing any Q School over the internet and thinking that everyone is as educated on BBQ technics as you are is just wrong. The guys that sign up for various classes are looking for any edge to compete in todays BBQ competitions. To be as talented as you think you are in the BBQ technics department, you should consider doing classes as well. It sounds like you know every technic and can predict the weather. Please post the dates of your class on this website and think about giving everyone a $100 discount. I know that you must be one miserable S.O.B.

BIG Bad Wolf BBQ
FBA/KCBS proud member
1st Swamp Q School Graduate

12-09-2011, 11:20 AM
One of the mods needs to make this a sticky as an example of exactly how not to handle stuff around here.

Rub does a lot here in FL for the BBQ community, his reputation speaks for itself.

12-09-2011, 11:41 AM
i think the phrase getting your ass handed to you would be if you were last wouldn't ? guys all i am saying is look at that picture of the alley and it snowing its ass off doe that look like something even close to a class room setting? we payed 500. each regardles what he says and we were there to learn bbq secrets not wade in snow. come on just admit it the class was not very well thought out. i am just saying everyone needs to look at the history of wins of the person putting it on and were the class will be held. you deserve the best of the best when you pay 500. for a class.i got some techniques videos from rubs class ill be putting on u tube then you can tell me if it was a good class or not.

12-09-2011, 01:07 PM
I aould take Rub's class in a heart beat. He is a stand up guy and i respect that. Although i would probably go for a Florida class... :becky:

JD McGee
12-09-2011, 01:26 PM
I started teaching a "technique only" class myself a few months ago at the request of my fellow PNWBA team members. I teach a max of 10 people out of my house and always send out a disclaimer e-mail to everyone so they know "exactly" what is being taught. Looks like Rubs credentials are solid...I'd take his class if he we in our neck of the woods! Do yourselves a favor...work out the dirty laundry in private! Trust me...been there done that...not cool!
Good luck Rub!

12-09-2011, 01:39 PM
I took Rub's class in the snow. I thought it was worth the money, and as a fairly new competitor, learned a lot. Yeah, it was cold and snowin on saturday, but so what. Obviously the guys complaining didn't come prepared and want somebody to blame. I mean seriously, who shows up late and leaves early for a class you are paying for. Rub was totally upfront in his correspondence that his class was a "technique" class only and not a recipe and suace class. Rub also gives out his cell number so that you could ask questions and bounce ideas off of him anytime after the class is over. He even gave me the opportunity to stop in at the Plant City Pig Jam and taste some of that award winning brisket! I would recommed the class. Thanks Rub!

12-09-2011, 01:59 PM
I never have had the opportunity to cook in an indoor climate controlled comp. I thought the idea of getting your hands dirty and learning was part of the class....you know being in an environment that is not unlike that of a comp!! If you had a bad time or felt it wasn't worth it, you should have manned up to Rub. Airing your dirty laundry on a forum is childish and cowardly. Its funny how guys all around me are savings their pennies to go to Rubs class because anyone you ask rant and raves about it. I have met tons of people at BBQ festival and spoke to them about competing and the first, very first thing out of all of their mouths, "Have you taken Rubs class yet" No, "Well you better if you wanna get a call in your first season!" Enough said. Met Rub once and he was proffessional to me an my family. Have met at least 25 people that have multiple GC and RGC that all have his class in their portfolio.

12-09-2011, 03:34 PM
you guys are rite this aint the time and place for this. sorry about all the chatter on my part. didn't mean to offend anyone. have a smokey merry christmas everyone.

JD McGee
12-09-2011, 03:40 PM
Speaking of climate...I got a text from Big Brother Smoke...something about being 30 degrees at a comp he's cookin' in San Diego...ya'll be sure to send him some warm love! Lol! Those Cali-Boys crack me up!

Good on ya BigOBBQ...never burn a bridge if you can help it...it may be your only way back home!

The Hogfather
12-09-2011, 04:04 PM
I thought I'd chime in and say something since I am also from Kansas City and I too have taken Rub's class. The thing though is that this disagreement is far more than just which region has the best sauce. It's about a person's character, his class and how he earns his money and the ripple effects it could have on others out there who read posts to determine whose class they will take.

As Rub pointed out, "there are a lot of classes out there", so I too contemplated for a very long time if I even needed to take it. I've trained under two "other" nationally recognized BBQ champs, I've owned a large restaurant and also made some mistakes based on what "other champs had told me. I' ve had top chefs from the Culinary Institute of America as roommates and have also diligently scoured the web every day for the past 10+ years in-search of any little nugget of information that is different. So I think it's fair to say I know what's out there.

Rub's 'Que School is different and it IS worth the money. In fact, you can hear me comment on his class long before this thread was even started.
http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/whiskey-bent-bbq-in-pit-nov/id407594496?i=108164120 See episode 11/29/11 I am the last guest on the show.

So... not only has his class helped me to have a better competitive edge in selling to the general public and earning repeat customers in my business, it has also proved to me that there are still a few people left out there at his level who are genuinely interested in seeing people succeed. I know he gets a kick out of it because I've followed the countless posts of his on his facebook page where he brags about his students when they score high, as they often do. And on several occasions I have observed Rub guiding people at competitions who are either pre-registered for his class, or those who have already taken his class and are looking for further flavor profile refinements.

In addition, I cannot tell you how many times I've sent Rub an e-mail asking him about this or that or where I can improve something and he ALWAYS takes the time to respond. In fact, I've written him so many times that my wife tells me, 'quit bugging that man". :doh:

Overall, as a guy who has been around a lot of BBQ for many years, I still walked away with 4 pages of notes, and learned some things that are so subtle they could make a big difference in where one places at a competition.

I really could go on and on, but if there is someone out there who would like to informally chat about the class, you're more than welcome to give me call at: seven two seven three six five nine nine six eight.

Also, I took Rub's class in the Sunshine State and it rained the whole damn time. But thank God I brought an umbrella. :violin:


12-09-2011, 05:38 PM
i hear ya guys i am sorry lets just move on.

12-09-2011, 05:54 PM

12-09-2011, 08:04 PM
Thank you friends. :smile:

Curly Tails
12-09-2011, 08:16 PM
Every person here has a personal opinion. BigOBBQ is entitled to theirs. I do not think that posting it on this site was a good idea. That being said , these post have just made me want to take Rubs class even more someday. If I had not already signed up for a different class, It would be a great honor to learn from someone as successful in competitive bbq as Rub.

12-09-2011, 08:50 PM
your absolutely right i would go for it.

12-12-2011, 05:40 AM
I took this class in february of 2011 in fl. This class was just what it was advertised as being. I would suggest this class to any body who competes. As to the complaintes of this man and his buddy really, your a man it's not Rub's fault it snowed or the weather was BAD come on!!!!! I compete at alot of competitions that Rub is at in fl. and he is a good guy! You really think Johnny Trigg or anybody else is going to give every secret they win with your crazy. Be a man and pay the man what you owe him!!!!

12-12-2011, 03:34 PM
I usually don't post on forums much anymore but I do tend to try and keep up with things. I actually just heard about this on Whiskey bent's show Fri night and thought i would look into it.

I do have something to say about this. I have known Rub for quite sometime now and have nothing but the utmost respect for him. He has always shown to be an honest and stand up guy. I know he has offered his knowledge to people in need of help. I personally have not taken his class, mainly due to scheduling conflicts, but can only imagine that he would put on a great one. His record proves it. I can tell you from a competitor, a friend and somebody that does classes myself that I am disgusted on how BIG O has acted. Regardless of him trying to move on. I think that you should be grateful that Rub even offered you another class because I would have told you to F off. It is obvious that everybody sees through his story and BS.

I tell anybody, you get from a class what you want to get from it. If you go thinking I finally get to see what they are doing, stay home and save me the trouble because you are the first to bad mouth the class and will get nothing from it. And that is with ANYBODY'S class.

Rub, keep up the great work and don't let this A hole get the best of you, which I know he won't. Congrats on another great year and I look forward to seeing you soon.

12-12-2011, 10:46 PM
I have to agree with Bubba.

I don't really know Rub, but I met him at the Sam's Club event in Orlando and he's a great guy. I have been trying to take his class for a few years and my schedule has just not allowed the time. Rub, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing my FBA & KCBS brotha's at the Pigfest in Lakeland in 2012.

12-13-2011, 08:07 PM
I met Rub,at a class in 2007 that Home BBQ was doing have been friends ever sense.Great person we were at a contest in Cartersville,GA.gave me a quick chicken tip during the contest.I walked off the stage with a check for 250.00 dollars.Rub, is a first class guy.To bash him on a open forum is just plain dumb.To stiff the man on the money you owe him is just wrong.

01-05-2012, 03:46 PM
Bump it up for the new year!

What: Swamp Boys Q School - 2 Days of Meat & Smoke
When: Feb. 10-11
Where: Winter Haven FL, Lakefront!

Swamp Boys Q School is an outdoors two day Techniques Class that I offer. We cover everything you need to know to be successful in BBQ competitions, or if youíre not into that, how to be the best barbecuer in your neighborhood! The class is appropriate for all skill levels as we start from the bottom and work up. The newer people will learn tried and true techniques that will have them smoking up the best BBQ of their lives and being the hit of the block parties. The competition guys and gals will learn the proven techniques, tips and tricks that I use to put myself in the best position to win contests. Some you may have seen, others I know youíve never seen! Every winning technique and tip I know is shared in class, nothing is held back.

Here is a link to more info and a link to the application: Swamp Boys Q School (http://www.swampboys.com/wordpress/?p=530)

Class size is limited to 20.


01-05-2012, 05:06 PM
I have to say I was at the "Blizzard" class back in October that Rub had. Last year was my first full year competing, and slowly learned each time I competed. It was recommended by one of the teams I compete against to take this class, and I did. After the 2 days of class, I have to say I learned a LOT more than I thought I would. It was just a technique class , as advertised and said in numerous e mails, but he did share some secrets since we were not in Florida, with regards to recipes. ( I might have to go down to Florida and compete once and see how that works :boxing:) I would definitely recommend Rub's class to anyone who had asked me for a class to take. He was very accomadting as well, by letting me pay on line for the class, because i was a late entry into the class.

As for the conditions, this was nothing that Rub could control. Just like at a comp, you never know the weather your going to get. I believe everyone else came prepared for the colder weather except for a couple of people. I had a great time at the class, and being able to take pictures / videos has helped me in my practices. I am looking forward to getting into the 2012 comp circuit already, and try out all my new techniques for the judges!!

Oh yeah, GO BRONCOS! Knock the Steelers out this weekend! :boxing: