View Full Version : Maverick ET-732 with Free Jar of 3 Eyz Rub

5-0 BBQ
11-19-2011, 09:19 PM
Now till Sunday at Midnight EST order a Maverick ET-732 and get a 5.5 oz Jar of 3 Eyz Dry Rub. Plus FREE Shipping!

***In the special instructions at checkout put your Brethren Screen Name. This is the only way we know to give you a FREE Bottle.***

Press the link on the ET-732 picture to begin:

http://www.bbqequipmentstore.com/images/12876982484302102147166.jpeg (http://www.BBQEQUIPMENTSTORE.COM/NEW-Maverick-Remote-Smoker-Thermometer-ET-732-ET-732.htm?sourceCode=BBQ-Brethren%20Free%20Rub) + http://www.bbqequipmentstore.com/images/3eyz.jpeg = $59.99 and FREE SHIPPING!

5-0 BBQ
11-20-2011, 07:22 PM
Only a few hours left