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11-15-2011, 11:50 AM
I made a quick visit to Ann Arbor over the weekend, not really for food, but to visit a good friend, and see what my wife and I thought of the area (potential move). I found the town to be mostly great, other than this obnoxious school that sticks out like an ugly wart on the world.. but I digress...

We started on Friday with the food part of the trip at the Jolly Pumpkin, a brewery and pub. Jolly Pumpkin ales are some of the best made, I think, and they had Bam Noire on tap... Loverly stuff! I also have a great sourdough pizza with chipotle tomatoe sauce, cheese, grilled chicken, onions and fresh basil. My friend had a truffle oil pizza that was great, too, topped with arugula, and my wife had a top-notch burger.

Saturday, we had brunch at Cafe Zola. It wasn't cheap, but food in AA isn't. The place was in an old building just off of Main, and looked very nice. I had crab benedict. While I prefer this dish at my brother's place in Chicago, Longman & Eagle, this was good, too, with a fried egg on one English muffin and a crabcake with hollandaise on the other half. They house-smoked salmon for another dish, and everything was, again, really great.






We went to the farmers market in town only to find that it's double the size of a lot of the ones I've seen in bigger cities, and it's open year-round on Saturdays, and May-December on Wednesdays. We found great apples and cider, as well as local cheeses and fantastic breads! I loved this place!




Then we went to Zingerman's Roadhouse for dinner, which has gotten mixed reviews on here. I tried a pulled/chopped pork meal with paella-like crunchy rice and green chiles, and I thought the pork was excellent, but my actual meal was pork and apple sausage with house-made sauerkraut. They do a whole catfish that my friend had, and it was really nicely done. My wife had their mac and cheese, and it was among the best I've had. It was a great food weekend, and even better that I got to visit my friend.