View Full Version : Boss Hawg BBQ in Topeka?

11-13-2011, 02:35 PM
Going to be in Topeka for a wedding the weekend of the Nov 18th-19th.... Friday nite the rehersal dinner is at Boss Hawg BBQ. What is good there. No offense to Boss Hawgs but wish we were not having bbq!

11-13-2011, 03:50 PM
If it's the same people Boss Hawg was a very good comp team. Hank and Elizabeth. Sadly Hank passed away after they'd been open for a couple years but last I heard Elizabeth still owned it. No clue what they're serving these days but it's possible that it's pretty good. Let us know.

11-14-2011, 08:04 AM
Ray you are correct contacted a friend in Topeka and he said they use to compete. The wife still owns the restaurant and runs it with her new husband. Sounds lik they have made it into a prety nice sports br. So at least the beer should be cold.