View Full Version : The Barbeque Exchange near Charlottesville VA

11-09-2011, 06:45 AM
I had to meet some people in Charlottesville on my way to Raleigh. I knew I'd be in around lunchtime, so I suggested some BBQ. I was told there was a great place in Gordonsville :roll:, about 15 minutes away. They said if a BBQ joint could survive and thrive there, it must be good. I pulled in around 1:00 and had a three-meat platter (pork, chicken and ribs). I wanted pork belly, but they were out. The owners are CIA trained and it definitely shows. They had a very enthusiastic selection of sides, for instance, three different kinds of coleslaw, about a dozen different types of pickles, green tomatoes, a broccoli-peanut salad that was fabulous, etc., etc. What struck me is that it wasn't just standard, good BBQ. It was all seasoned uniquely and VERY well done. They also have about 5 different sauces on the side, but I hardly touched them. I was especially struck by the pulled pork. It is something I don't tend to order, because I make a decent pulled pork and most pork I order I find redundant. This was REALLY unique, and really good. We ate, and had our meeting there, and it is definitely someplace I want to return.