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10-29-2011, 02:47 PM
http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/2852/20111015123621767.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/20111015123621767.jpg/)

He's at the farmer's market in Torrance (my hometown) twice a week. Finally got a chance to come down there and try some. Got the sampler which had turkey slices, pulled pork, brisket, and two spares.

Although BigMista was not there himself, everything was very good. The sauce was the best I've ever tasted. I've been experimenting too much with all the overly-sweet sauces and rubs, and foiling with brown sugar honey, etc. BigMista's reminded me of how bbq is supposed to taste.

10-29-2011, 07:13 PM
Hoping to make there (Torrance location) before I leave here this week.

10-30-2011, 10:47 AM
I hit Bigmista on tuesday in Sherman Oaks for a brisket sandwich. If you have a chance you need to try his food. What Barbecue should be and the best food you will get at any farmers market.

10-30-2011, 12:34 PM
I have to try it out

11-02-2011, 06:48 PM
Iv'e had the opportunity to try Neil's Q many times! It's nice to have Neil here in Torrance when you need a Q fix and no time to make your own. The best in town!