View Full Version : Saveur's BBQ nation videos (Memphis area) and articles (elsewhere)

10-29-2011, 10:46 AM
One thing I like about Saveur is they do not report on whatever everyone else reports on. They will focus on some unknown gem for a story. It enforces the belief that there are many great places out there that don't get any publicity at all. There are three BBQ videos as part of their BBQ nation series. They are wonderfully produced. They're short, but in seeing what they show, you can fill in many of the blanks. These are all in the Memphis area of Tennessee. I'm still very curious about the technique in Helen's BBQ in Brownsville.


There are more articles (and videos) on the Saveur website. The videos are a bit different. I posted the vimeo link because of the Payne's BBQ video, "Tastes so good, make you wanna' slap your mamma." There is no better advertisement for food than that. Here's the Saveur link with articles, etc. It's a great issue and I hope they continue this series.


I believe Landarc mentioned this issue when it came out. I put this in the travel section, thinking the videos might be relevant for those traveling. I know they make me want to go.

10-29-2011, 11:01 AM
The Cozy Corner has some AWESOME Cornish hens and BBQ Bologna sammiches. I've never been to Paynes though. Keep meaning to but...I'm pretty wary of the neighborhood (And I live in Nutbush so that should tell you something if you know Memphis).

10-29-2011, 12:12 PM
I was hoping you'd chime in, Guerry. These are right up your alley. I think I've only ever just driven through Memphis, and that would've been decades ago, so I can't say anything except these videos sure make me want to visit. Sure like those pits, the products sure look good and definitely not mass-produced. Your reviews of Memphis BBQ joints aren't overly positive, but you're usually just talking about the popular ones. These seemed off the beaten path and wondered if you'd visited or could say more. Your homework assignment for this week is ....