View Full Version : Another "How Much" Question for the pros

09-25-2011, 10:15 PM
I'm doing the cooking for a friend of mine's rehearsal dinner before his wedding. They are expecting around 55-60 people. We are planning to have an hors devour table with semi-heavy stuff, shrimp, meatballs, and some dips and spreads. The main course is going to be butts, chicken quarters, baked beans, slaw, mac and cheese, hush puppies, butternut squash, and broccoli salad. I have a few questions for you guys that do this all the time.

1. For the appetizers, should I do one of each for everyone there or is there a better way to estimate?

2. For butts it seems like all the previous posts I've read say 1/2 lb raw per person as the standard number. Is this still the case since I'm having chicken as well? Obviously I would prefer to have extra over not enough.

3. For the quarters, should I assume 1 per guest?

My thoughts on the sides is that I am just going to make a lot of everything, but any suggestions on that would be much appreciated as well. Thanks to all of you for any help you might could give me. I'm really excited about doing this, but as it gets closer, I'm also getting a bit nervous.

Jeff Hughes
09-25-2011, 10:36 PM
I would not do quarters, I like 5oz portion breasts from Tysons. Combined with a 4oz portion(8oz raw) of pulled pork it's a great combo...