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08-20-2011, 05:58 PM
As of 8/20/2011, here are the planned enhancements. Enhancements will NOT be done in the listed order.

When the blower is on or off will show up on the current and historical graphs.
The colors of the graph will be customizable.
Indicate which probe currently has the blower attached to it.
Allow input of the outside temperature, wind levels, and rain levels during the smoke.
Allow input of the type of fuel and when/how much it was added.
Fix issues when more than one Stoker is being monitored and both are activly being monitored.
Add code to handle slowly ramping the blower up after the lid on the smoker has been opened to avoid over stoking the fire.
Allow historical graphing of probe data for probes from different smokes. IE: Graph all "Brisket" probes to compare how they took to cook.
Provide analysis of various smokes seesions to assist predicting when meats will be done cooking based on outside temps and weather conditions.
Allow users to share Stoker connection information to provide "Read Only" access to the shared Stoker.
I will attempt to keep this updated with any new planned enhancements and list what enhancements have been added to new versions of the software.

08-21-2011, 02:27 PM
Another feature to be added to a future build:

Allow muting an alert for a specified probe.