View Full Version : Brining liquid to warm?

08-14-2011, 04:40 PM
I posted this in Q talk and I should of posted this here instead. Sorry about the double posting. But here is my question.
I put a brisket in a brine this morning at 6 am. The water temperature was room temperature,75 degrees, when I put the brisket in the fridge. I just read that the water temp should of been under 40 when I put the brisket in the brine. The brine is now at 45 degrees and I just put a little ice in the brine to bring it down some. The question is am I O.K. even though I let the brisket stay warmer than I should have for so many hours? The brine would stop spoilage, correct? I have never brined and only been smoking a few weeks. Thanks