View Full Version : Larry's BBQ--SE Alabama chain (long and boring)

04-08-2005, 07:31 PM
Posting this out of sadness (a bit) :cry:

Larry's is a chain of "BBQ" joints in SE AL.
They started as "Clayton's" in Daleville Al in the 60's.
One joint just outside of the Ft Rucker main gate.
It was Que to die for. Moist, "real Que", huge meat portions, small and tasty sides, etc.
Standing room only at lunch time.

Clayton's morphed into Larry's in the early 70's.
Then Larry's started the "chain franchise" trick. Each year, the meat portions went down, the sides (especially cheap fries) got larger and prices ballooned. And, worst of all, the meat changed. Less and less "real que"--more "cook it quick/slice it up/move it out" fare.

Larry's is now up to 12 or 15 or so locations.

My in-laws love it! We can not go see them without "doing Larry's" for lunch. Dad-In-Law has a turkey sandwich and Mom-In-Law has a Farkin' hamburger (as always).

Today, I had my same "pork special" I have been buying for 30+ years.
Dried out slices of pork with a teenie-tiny smoke ring and no flavor.
And I mean--no flavor :twisted: I would defy someone to identify it as Pork, much less BBQ Pork :twisted:
I could not even finish it--first time ever for that.

They use a biggo Southern Pride cooker. I think the pork was some sort of lean loin or something with no fat (flavor) probably cooked at 325 degrees or so. What is that current line--"Get er done" :twisted:

Farkin's place was stuffed full of people :twisted:

Sadly, this is one more great place that has gone "corp."
Sadly also is that the public still thinks this is BBQ :twisted:
Used to be--but not any longer :cry:

The next time I have to go (and I will with a smile as a good Son-In-Law), I will order a burger--it actually looked yummy :wink:

Anyway--if you are in the SE Al area--just pass on Larry's :twisted:
Give me a buzz and we will fix up some real Que for lunch :lol: :lol:

Thanks for letting me vent and get nostalgic a bit!