View Full Version : Saturday

04-04-2005, 06:15 PM
Wife and I stopped off at a place called johnny rebs. I thought she liked my Q, but she loved this place. I thought it was okay. The meat was tender enough, but was missing something in the taste. It may just be a spice thing to me, or the fact that now I have a full blown cold. I have spoken with a few people hear at the job, and they think the Q there is fantastic, but they don't know the difference between Que and Grill. Back to the report. I had the full slab whereas the Mrs. had a combo plate. She about swallowed the chicken, but I thought the portion was to small on the baby-back ribs.

On leaving, the wife told me that my Que was as tendered, but she liked the flavor at the restaurant better. I don't use hickory wood, I find it too common, so I will say that is the reason. If you know of one of these places, try it. Wife wants to go back so I geuss it was okay.