View Full Version : Sous-Vide is Simple! and Cheaper!

07-26-2011, 08:05 PM
It also looks like you could pretty easily modify this to be a Sous Vide water over controller as well (something I'm tinkering with with my Stoker controller). I'm surprised more BBQ pit controllers don't just build and sell a heating element / power switch adapter. There's a lot of of food geeks out there spending money to make DIY Sous-Vide stuff and it's 99% the same thing as a pit controller so you could target a bigger market with only a little bit more work.
At first I did not know what are referred to by " Sous-Vide ".
I searched Internet, Now I understand that Sous-Vide is low temperature long time cooking, and temperature must be precise.
Yes my burner together with my temperature controller can control the pit temperature at 50C or 60C for 10 hours and temperature fluctuation is 1C.
You need not DIY, my kit is there, simply replace your fire box.
It is better than water bathing, as it has flavor of charcoal or wood.