View Full Version : Dual Probes, Pit Temperature Controller

07-25-2011, 07:27 AM
1.4 stages temperature controlling for pit temperature.
Say 90C for 1 hour, 100C for 1 hour, 105C for 10 Hours, and 70C for 10 hours
2.When meat temperature reaches 105C, it will keep meat at 105C for 10 minutes, Then it will keep pit temperature at 60C for 20 hours
Certainly the temperature and time interval can be programmed
3.Output is PID control of blower speed instead of simply off or on.
4. High and Low temperature alarm on each temperature stage.
5.Battery low voltage alarm
6.Automatic and manual control option. If you want to sear, you may want as big fire as possible
7. In 4 weeks, I will add wireless display.
8.In 8 weeks, I will add Internet display and control