View Full Version : Free Contest Entry For New Teams

03-21-2005, 11:56 PM
From the New England BBQ Society Web Site....

Attention all you fence straddling newbies out there !!!
Here's your chance to get off the fence and join the fun.

Hi everyone.

Itís a great day for barbecue! The New England Barbecue Society is pleased to offer NEBS members a chance to win a free entry to the New Hampshire and Massachusetts State Barbecue Contests as a promotion for new teams. The drawing for a free entry into the N.H. cook off will be May 1, 2005, at the Rhode Island BBQ Contest. The drawing for a free entry into the Ma. event in Lowell will be July 23, 2005 at the Harpoon BBQ contest. You donít need to be present at the time of the drawings to win, but you must be a member of NEBS and you must be a new team that has never competed before. Simply send your name, address and phone number to me by e-mail, snail mail, or phone, at the contact info below, and I will enter your team into the drawings.


Andy King
472 Barre Rd. Templeton, Ma. 01468