View Full Version : DC this weekend

06-22-2011, 07:05 AM
Did anybody ever hear from them about if they were chosen to judge? And if so, may I ask how you were notified -email, fax, phone call, slow mail, smoke signal. etc?

I ask because I applied and even though their application clearly state you would be notified no later than June 1st either way - yes come and no stay home, I heard nothing. Neither did the judges I spoke with this past weekend at an event.

I have no issue with not being chosen. I do have an issue with being told one thing and then not ever hearing anything because now I am not sure is it lost in cyberspace? Did my mailman somehow keep it along with my June issue of The Bull Sheet to read? Are they expecting me yet I donít know to be there?

And yes around the 10th I did try contacting each and every person listed as contact persons for the event and did not hear one thing back. All I asked each was - I had not heard either way and wanted to make sure I was not expected to be there and did not know it. Could they please tell me yes or no. I find this disturbing but a general business condition these days of not being professional to just say No. Rather than return a call or email and say NO I as well as many other judges are left to wonder.

I like the idea of telling someone either way by a set date. But when you don't and they are no where to be found following the deadline and can't bother to answer a simpe yes no question... well thatís poorly done IMHO.