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06-14-2011, 04:37 PM
First off a little background...I have owned a specialty foods store with butchered meats by me as well as a a high end catering business we conducted out of the store. I would like to now market a bbq'ng, grilling catering business limiting and specializing, in marinated meats tips etc, beef and pork bbq for small and large events...I have bbq, grilled pretty much my whole life and love my BGE as my go to all around family cooker see my site on http://www.bubaqlishus.com/ see my recipes and share your comments. I need to build the business and the equipment with it, which means I am in the market for a portable cooking unit with a 60' cooking area, that has accessories, hoods, etc with various rotisseries that can be added depending on what is being cooked....I am looking at the portable and not the large trailer model
I have come upon this particular unit from Grillco:
http://www.grillcoinc.com/p8.htm (http://www.grillcoinc.com/p8.htm)
which seems can be purchased for about $1,800 I can pretty much do anything.....I am not sure about the pork buts in this do to length of time at stable cooking temp...but bb's should be ok to go on rotisserie with special basket that is available.....I need to review processes for prep cooking time and options for keeping food hot when cooking in large quantities, proper pricing and realize there is a lot of info to gather...please give me your equipment anything think maybe helpful. If the business takes off I see graduating to a trailer I can pull behind the truck, large enough for standing room, etc a to act as mobile kitchen any/all tips and suggestions