View Full Version : Bogart's Smokehouse St. Louis

06-05-2011, 08:48 AM
Hey all,

Didn't see a specific spot for restaurant reviews so I thought it safe to just put it here. For all those in the St. Louis area, I'd recommend giving bogart's smokehouse a try. It just opened 4 months ago and was opened by the owners of Pappy's. It is located right across the street from Soulard market. Went there yesterday and i was wearing my central BBQ t-shirt from Memphis. This prompted the guy working there to give me 3 free ribs to try and see how they compared to memphis ribs..... Not as good but its St. Louis.... Ordered a slab of ribs, 1/4b of brisket and pulled pork (sharing with 3 people) The brisket had good flavor but sliced too thin for my liking, still good. Pulled pork was also pretty good, had a good "porky flavor" and a decent bark. The ribs probably their best. They put an apricot glaze at the end of their cooking which has a nice sweet flavor. They were cooked well and had a nice smoke ring. All-around very good, best in St. Louis, I'd say but not fantastic. Still if you live in the St. Louis or surrounding area it is worth a checkout. Get there early, the are open from 10-4 or until they run out of food.