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05-22-2011, 11:51 AM
Hello, I've been lurking on and off for quite a while. I decided a while ago that I'm tired of just goin to all the great bbq joints around town and I was gonna start smokin my own. I was doing some research on which smoker to buy when I found this site. I decided to build a UDS because I'm too cheap to spend 3 or 4 hundy on a smoker. So far my UDS is coming along great. I got a brand new barrel from a guy at work. I burned it on the fire pit. I drilled the holes and installed the nipples/ ball valve. I gave it a bass coat of flat black. I have a cool paint job idea coming soon but I wanna get smokin now. I have a buddy at work who is a fabricator and he's doin my charcoal basket for me. I should be smokin by the middle of the week. Also I picked up a 22 inch webber off craigslist for $25. the guy only used it 3 times then "upgraded" to a gas grill. I can't decide yet if I wanna tinker with the lid and use it on my UDS. It's a little too small to fit on there. I figure I'll wait and see if I wanna do that after I start cooking on it. I know everybody loves pictures so Here's a few of the my progress on the UDS and one of my 3 charcoal grills.

burning it in

All painted and waiting for a charcoal basket.


Oh yeah. So far I only have about $40 into my uds!

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Greetings and welcome from Hickory, NC :)

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Welcome to our crazy little club house!

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Glad you could join us.:thumb:

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Welcome to the camp,

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Welcome :clap2:

Another drum head is born :thumb::thumb:

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Welcome from Indiana!!!!!


Don't ya love it when other people "upgrade"?:clap2: