View Full Version : Wings+Ribs in major TX cities

02-11-2005, 03:52 PM
I've been shamed into this post. Ate at Wings 'N More in DFW again last night, again. Good stuff. I tend to prefer my Q dry, but make an exception for ribs. Sauce isn't the best but it was good. Ribs weren't competition style so I didn't spend time cleaning the bones. Scale of 10 they get a 7-8 for chain ribs. Wings... better than BW3, Hooters, Wingstop, Wings to Go. Extra hot, extra garlic just flat out rock! Sides aren't bad; they serve their purpose.

Loations in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, College Station.

Why was I shamed into it...it's a recent (last 10-15 yrs) Aggie institution.