View Full Version : Performance Report Offset Grill, Precise Temperature Control

04-24-2011, 09:02 PM
Second is offset fire box, gravity feed burner, can burn wood pellet, chucks, charcoal.
Last picture is temperature control system.

It works perfect above 130C.
When I set it at US$105C, problem met.
Temperature fluctuated between 104 to 115C.
Then I reduced size of burner pot by half, and set blower at rating of 3 W, reduce flue height from 110cm to 55cm.
After preheat period, the temperature kept around 104 to 106 C. In 16 hours it burnt 7Kg of pellets.

You can change your fire box of your offset grill by gravity feed burner, add digital thermostat, then you can burn pellet, and
you will have precise temperature inside your offset grill. and Your attendant is not needed for 16 hours.