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04-20-2011, 04:47 PM
I posted earlier about my failures (several) and success (one) at the FBA contest here in Marianna last weekend.
This was an MIM/MBA contest for several years and moved to FBA this year for some very good reasons.

We had 2 BOD members there, one competing and one Reping..
I told both of them that we should amend the by-laws to require all future FBA contests to be held in Marianna.
Now, the fact that it was 6 miles from home was great, but this is not about the distance. :-D
And yes--that was a joke based on facts.

You know how sites are normally XX feet by XX feet? Our sites would have measured out at 1/2 acre or more. The teams selected spots that fit their rig and all of the real estate to the rear belonged to the teams. You could have parked 3 or more Semi's nose to tail back there behind our site!
Last week in Dothan, we were almost stacked on each other. I had a team drag their travel trailer across the front of my truck because the space was so tight. The insurance adjuster came by today. It was a world of difference at Marianna.

Lots of water and electrical power right at the sites. They even had an electrician on duty in case anyone had a problem. 30 Amp going into a standard 20 Amp plug with NO GFI's!!!

Marianna had a "turn-out" just inside the gate so the teams (with windshield passes) could come and go from the comp side of the event as needed without presenting a hazard to the public.

The teams were not in the main flow of the crowds (which were large). So we had some porta potties behind us that stayed usable due to limited use.
We also had permanent potty facilities close to the comp area (probably 200 ft. for us) which were kept clean.

Turn-ins were a reasonable distance.

Trash was picked up often.
The dumpsters were a reasonable walk behind us, so we just carried our own.

Local Internet provider (Century Tel) came out and set up free wireless. Then they came around to each team to make sure we knew it was available.

The organizer came around often to see if we needed anything, unlike some contests where you do not see the organizer till awards.

The 5 o'clock awards ceremony happened at (guess what)--5 o'clock!
The awards were efficient and respectful of the sponsors, volunteers, and teams. All 10 teams were called up in random order and then given the award. Very efficient and the procedure is used by several contests down here.
There was covered bench seating so we did not have to drag chairs and sit in the sun/rain/whatever.

The prize pool was fine for a first year (as FBA) contest. The $$ were well distributed. I picked up $400 for the brisket.

There was a bunch of other things, but I have probably bored you to death by now.

All I can say is that I have just seen what I consider to be the "Gold Standard" of how to run a contest.
I have been to many contests that were well run, but nothing like this.

I wish many organizers could have been there to see "how it should be done".


04-20-2011, 05:21 PM
Ain't it a joy to have a well run event! Good for FBA!!

04-20-2011, 07:33 PM
That's awesome. Wish all contests were like this. :-D