View Full Version : Chicken and Brisket Practice Pics

03-22-2011, 06:16 PM
These are for the Slidell LA Cookoff coming up April 1st and 2nd.

First the Chicken these were done on the Bubba Keg. They were a little over cooked after Bubba got away from us a bit on the temp. We will trim a little better also but here the box was.

Now for the Brisket. This is the first Brisket that I have been truly proud of. It was slightly dry, but after a few minutes back in its own juices it was mighty fine. The slices held together great and broke apart with just the right amount of resistance. These were also the first "Burnt Ends" that I was happy with. Tender and juicy with a nice caramelized bark. In short this was my personal best Brisket.

Here is the Box.

I anxiously await the opinion of the Brethren!

The Virginian
03-22-2011, 07:08 PM
Those are good looking burnt ends, very inviting. More meat needed in the brisket box (meat contest, yada yada).

I am torn on the chicken. On the one hand they are a little overcooked as you say. On the other hand, they look more like real bbq then most "9" chicken I see on the forum, including my own. Keep on the path you are on here, but do take some more care in how the chicken is stacked in the box. There are ways to make that all more orderly.


03-22-2011, 07:39 PM
Put your burnt ends behind your slices or down the sides. The slices are your show pieces (even as good as those burnt ends look).

I love the way the chicken looks as far as what I like to eat. It would be a coin toss as to how it might score. But the box layout isn't that good. It seems that layouts where the chicken is laying horizontal scores better as far as appearance. Yours has the peices laying vertically (unless I'm seeing something wrong), and they are stacked, carded or whatever towards a side of the box... not the front.

Mister Bob
03-22-2011, 07:40 PM
Everything looks really tasty, but I can offer some presentation suggestions.

1- Tighten up your parsley, make sure the edges are even and neat
2- Trim your chicken to the exact same size and shape.
3- Arrange the thighs all in exactly the same direction and evenly spaced and lined up straight.
4- Make sure the chicken is well cooked, but don't burn it.
5- Try to get a little more glaze on the chicken.

1- Same thing with the parsley.
2- Make sure all the slices are exactly the same thickness
3- Make sure the slices are perfectly aligned and evenly spaced.
4- Make sure your slices are laid out in the same order you cut them.
5- Put some more meat in the box
6- Cut your burnt ends exactly the same size and shape and put a few more in the box

Hope this helps, good luck!

03-22-2011, 07:59 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys, it is much appreciated.

Finney I agree on the chicken arrangement. I wasn't happy with it. I kinda had to overlap them because they were to big to space. Gonna trim the next ones down smaller.

I wanted to put more Burnt Ends in there too, but I did a crappy job of cutting up the point.

Thanks again guys keep the critiquing coming!

Lake Dogs
03-22-2011, 08:00 PM
^^^ while critical, Mr Bob hit it dead on. Oh, there's quite a bit of green. You're seeing
the "more meat in the box" comment. Another way to make it appear that you have
more meat is to not actually put more meat in but to reduce the greenery. Tighten it
up, and a little less on the sides, IMHO. Otherwise, what Mr Bob said.

Best of luck; knock 'em dead!

03-23-2011, 09:37 AM
Ok so less green more meat, even out the chicken, make the burnt ends look the same, and tidy up the parsley.

You guys are awesome! I need all the help I can get because the likes of Lotta Bull, Smokin Triggers, and Quau are probably gonna be there. I'm not intimidated though, I'm looking forward to the challenge.