View Full Version : Corned beef for an office party?

Southern Home Boy
03-14-2011, 03:38 PM
Hey y'all.

So, I've been tapped to cook corned beef and cabbage for the St. Patrick's Day office party on Thursday.

How much CB Brisket do y'all recommend per person? I was thinking 6oz cooked per person (4 oz seemed too skimply and 8oz seemed too much).

And how much does corned beef reduce in weight? As much as a pork butt or less?

Any help would be appreciated.


03-16-2011, 01:18 PM
Corned Beef is one of those meats that are really hard to predict. There is soooo much fat in them (that's what makes them delicious :)). 6 oz is about right, but you will have to buy 12 oz raw/person it can shrink as much as 50%! I don't know what method (I assume smoked) you plan on using, but if you decide to cook in water DO NOT BOIL. Simmer only otherwise it will really shrink and become dry and stringy. If you want the salt to stay in the meat start with cold water. The salt will come right out of it if you start in hot water. HTH Leona