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03-10-2011, 12:17 PM
Last week I'd put something together to help the family of a member that has recently passed away. Rod Anderson was diagnosed with cancer last August, after he wasn't feeling well and went to see a doctor. Immediately after getting the result, he and his family traveled to a contest they already had scheduled. Rod wasn't up to doing as much as he'd like, so his wife and son carried the load. They won their first GC that weekend. Fate, they were due, who knows? For family reasons I canceled my planned trip to the Royal in October. At the last minute things changed and I made the trip to see friends, and contacted Rod to see where he'd be so that I could say hello.

Rod canceled the trip, at the last minute after becoming very tired while trimming his chicken before they left. He had treatment scheduled for the following Monday, and decided that cooking back to back contests probably wasn't a good idea. The thing that amazed me was that he WAS going, had purchased his meat, WAS trimming it up.... That's dedication to BBQ. In the end he made the right call, and he was looking forward to this year.

Rod had a form of cancer that was very aggressive, and so was his treatment. He didn't just spend a morning or afternoon getting chemo. He spent days in the hospital. He'd gripe about the lack of sleep, etc... based on having labs drawn all the time, different drugs administered etc., but that was the end of it.

When I last saw Rod in Kansas City, in mid January, he said he was feeling good and was looking forward to cooking the Royal in October. He sounded good and was very optimistic. It sounded like he'd turned the corner.

As things turned out, he had not. They never were able to get Rod's #'s to where they needed to be to try a different method of treatment. He endured a lot of pain, while they tried and when it became clear that it wasn't going to happen he opted to endure more pain and take radiation to buy time to put things in order for his family.

I shared that, in the hopes that some of you that were never fortunate enough to know Rod might understand what kind of man he was. I think we'd all like to believe that we would have that sort of courage. I hope I do.

While I've been buried at work I've been working on a way to help Rod's family out. He's survived by his wife Dawn, and 14 yr. old son David. I can't tell you in terms of money how great their need is. I know, that no matter what kind of insurance he had, that based on his treatment they will be extensive! I'm 45, and when Rod passed he was 40. I know I'd have left my wife with a mountain of debt, had I passed at that age, after the long fight that Rod put up.

Originally I'd worked out a plan for members to purchase product from other members that have a forum in the Ventures section of this site. To their credit, the members that have those forums were ALL more than willing to contribute and help and some were willing to be more than generous. I came to realize, after talking to several people, that sending a large quantity of product to the fundraiser planned for next weekend would only raise pennies on the dollar. After exploring some options, and communicating with some of the folks handling the fundraiser in Des Moines, I've come up with an option where I believe the contributions will do the most good.

Sara Anderson, is willing to make her Paypal account available to members who would like to contribute to helping Dawn and David Anderson. Instead of a $6 bottle of rub generating $2, the entire $6 will go to the family. Sara has access to the account set up for them, and is handling the silent auction. All funds contributed will be going to someone directly tied to the family and the event to raise funds in Des Moines.

For the PayPal account please contact a moderator. They will have that info available. I will try to work with Sara, and Phil (BBQChef33) to set up a page in the next day or so that will make the process easier. Besides being buried with work, I will be leaving DFW shortly to spend some time with my Mom in San Antonio who is also having some health issues. If anyone has any questions for me personally please feel free to shoot me some email via the forum, if you don't have my personal email already.

03-10-2011, 12:28 PM
You can count me in George. Life is not easy for Dawn and David right now. I understand that feeling of having the rug completely ripped out from under you. the support that they receive from others goes a VERY long way. Trust me. I talk with Dawn almost on a daily basis to try and offer any insight that I may have and how to deal and cope. the love and support from things like this go a very long way in the healing process for them both. It's not about how much you give or can give. It's about the thought and the respect that you are giving the anderson family.

Whatever I can do George, I am in for it.


03-10-2011, 12:50 PM
Thanks for setting this up, Jorge! You can count on us for a contribution, too.

As Scottie said...


03-10-2011, 01:47 PM
I didn't know Rod or his family but you can definitely count me in. I know personally what cancer can do to a family and just maybe some day someone will find a cure for this deadly disease. Gods Love and Peace to the Anderson family. :pray:

Big George's BBQ
03-10-2011, 02:22 PM
Will be glad to do what I can Thanks for doing this

03-10-2011, 03:02 PM
My dad passed away from cancer when I was 13 so I can relate to the things I assume David is going through. Having people to turn to definitely makes a huge difference. Thanks for setting this up Jorge.

03-10-2011, 05:34 PM
You know we are in Jorge! Just let me know what we need to do.

Smoke'n Ice
03-10-2011, 06:37 PM
My wife is a 16 year survivor, I will do what ever is needed. My pledge of $1 dollar per participant in Goodbudies is still on the table.

God Bless

Rich Parker
03-10-2011, 07:01 PM
I am in PM sent.

Cancer Sucks!

03-10-2011, 08:24 PM
I am a member of the Iowa BBQ Society, so I'll make my donation directly. But thanks for putting this together!

Big George's BBQ
03-10-2011, 09:08 PM
Donation Made

03-10-2011, 09:53 PM
I lost my best friend to cancer almost a year ago to the day. I would like to contribute in Allen's memory.

03-10-2011, 10:09 PM
Thanks for helpin from afar G. I have some things for the auction and hope there is a good turn out. I know he would be in the line if it was one of us.

Just a reminder of the fund raiser sponsered by the Iowa BBQ Society on March 19th in Ankeny from 10 to 4. If anyone needs more info PM me.

03-10-2011, 11:16 PM
You can count on my wife and I for a little help.

03-11-2011, 06:46 AM
Wow, very well written Jorge, Sticks-n-Chicks will be sending in as well.

03-11-2011, 10:30 AM
In response to a couple PM's, I am going to paste a portion of the IBS minutes I recieved this morning with enough info to answer most of the questions I've recieved.

Sara Anderson and Anne Rehnstrom went thru a list of all the items that have been donated so far for the fundraiser for Rod & Dawn. When the list is put together we will definitely share it as there are some great items coming in! In regards to the meal, the only thing that we may have to purchase is the water. Otherwise, everything is being donated. I will be attaching a sign-up sheet for help with the set- up, serving and tearing down for Saturday, March 19th. The event is being held at the Lakeside Center in Ankeny and it is located at 400 NW Lakeshore Dr. The hours of the event are 11 – 3. The auction will run from 11-2. There will be a bluegrass band playing. We will be talking to Jason about possibly putting some of the bbq items on-line so additional folks can bid on them. We are looking in to seeing if we can get a license to have a raffle. We can get one for $150 that would be good for 2 years. That would give us the option of doing 50/50 split tickets, etc. The motion was made by Mike Whitney and a second by Lew Miller with all voting in the affirmative. If you would like to make a financial donation to help purchase the soda if we have to, please send that directly to Mike Whitney at 515 Oak Blvd, Huxley, IA 50124. If you would like to donate besides, you can send that check to Mike and write it to the attention of the Rod Anderson Memorial and we will get it deposited. If you have items for the auction they need to be sent to Sara’s attention at 7790 NW 16th St.in Ankeny, IA 50023. Her email is srscott99@msn.com (srscott99@msn.com)
I have no info on where this online auction might originate from nor a link. Will post if I find it.
My best guess would be to simply make a monetery donation through Sara Anderson at the e-mail above, or wait a few days to see what develops further.

03-11-2011, 01:16 PM
Thanks for putting this together Jorge. I look forward to meeting you this weekend.

Also-I am helping dawn sell there 31' toy hauler that they used for competitions, it is in great shape and is a perfect setup for comps. Please pass this along to anyone you know who is looking.


03-11-2011, 02:35 PM
Thanks to everyone willing to help. I'll reply to the PMs that have been sent, this evening when I get to a PC. Thanks again!

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03-14-2011, 02:01 PM
message from Sara...here are the auction items!

Ok so I have had several requests for the silent auction list of items and I think I have almost everything we will have there on this list. However if there is anything I do not have yet than it will not be on the list and will have a blank bid sheet ready for it Saturday. As it stands right now we are well on our way at having over 100 silent auction items available!! Any questions please send me an email to srscott99


Auction # Item: Donated by: Retail Value
1 """Date Night"" Dinner for 2 at Applebee's
Ankeny and 2 Fridley Movie Theater
Vouchers" Brandt & Laurel Marshall $40
2 BBQ Forum Advertising BBQ Forum $200
3 BBQ Forum Advertising BBQ Forum $200
4 BBQ Forum Advertising BBQ Forum $200
5 Heel Repair on Boots Veech's Custom Leather $12-20
6 Quik Trip Gift Card Quik Trip $30
7 Fitness World One Month Membership Fitness World Ankeny $50
8 Fitness World One Month Membership Fitness World Ankeny $50
9 Fitness World One Month Membership Fitness World Ankeny $50
10 Opa Smoaked Meats George Mullins $100
11 Opa Smoaked Meats George Mullins $100
12 Scheels Gift Cards Scheels $50
13 Scheels Gift Cards Scheels $50
14 Scheels Gift Cards Scheels $100
15 $100 Gift Card to Down Under Down Under Bar & Grill $100
16 $50 to Rock Bottom & $50 to HuHot Rock Bottom & HuHot $100
17 KC BBQ Store Gift Card KC BBQ Store $200
18 "Spot Free Car Wash - Only can be used at
3535 Merle Hay Road Location" Spot Free Car Wash $75
19 "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza & Dessert!
1 lg casey's pizza, 2 lg pizzas with
appetizers from Leaning Tower, &
$20 to Gusto Pizza" "Casey's, Gusto Pizza, &
Leaning Tower" $90
20 Family Night Movie and Game Basket Shellie Benson/TC $90
21 "Mary Kay Basket: Satin Hands, Shave Gel,
enegizing lotion, 2 candles" Rochelle Burnett $60
22 "KC BBQ Store Bucket: Sauce, Rub,
Marinade, Thermometer, Sauce Mop, &
Book" KC BBQ Store $55
23 Liz Claiborne Jewlery Box Velma Peters n/a
24 "Jakes Journey Bag: Men's XL Tshirt,
Water Bottle, $20 Gift card" "Jakes Journey &
Lyn Anderson" $57
25 "Bark Ave Ankeny - Tshirt XL, 2 Days of
free doggie day care, one free bath, &
10 free nail trims" Bark Ave $65
26 "Pampered Chef 9x13 stone baker &
retired Stoneware Sensations Cookbook" Velma Peters $54
27 Handmade Purple Quilt Judy Philbrook $200
28 Signed Bottle of Gentleman Jack John Lengiling n/a
29 Backyarder Set: 3 rubs and a sauce The Slabs $22
30 Butt Rub Cutting Board Byron Chism $52
31 Golf Cooler, 6 golf balls, Tees, & Tool Brad Teale $45
32 Silpada Earrings Pam Bradford n/a
33 Boyt Duffle Bag Pam Bradford $180
34 KCBS BBQ Basket KC BBQ Society $50
35 Scentsy Apex Full Size Warmer Danielle Griggs $30
36 Indians Wall Collage of American Indians Velma Peters n/a
37 Framed Art of Wolves Velma Peters n/a
38 Startin the Fire Book George Hensler $13.00
39 Startin the Fire Book George Hensler $13.00
40 Startin the Fire Book George Hensler $13.00
41 Bringin the Heat XL Tshirt John Cossman n/a
42 Bringin the Heat XL Tshirt John Cossman n/a
43 Thomas Kinkade Book Velma Peters $13
44 Recipe Box and Book Velma Peters $20
45 Dip Tray with 4 Bowls Velma Peters n/a
46 Racing Jacket XXL and memory cards Thor Motor n/a
47 Racing jacket XL and memory cards Thor Motor n/a
48 Thor Shirt M and Hat and memory cards John Sauter n/a
49 "Gateway Market Baset, 6pk beer, wine
and $40 gift cards" "Russell & Krista Place
Mike & Polly Johnston" $60
50 "Scentsy Gift Basket: Travel Tin, Bar, Frag.
Foam, Plug in Warmer, Scent Circle,
Spray and Grab Tabs" Sara Anderson $60
51 Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Velma Peters n/a
52 Globe Wall Shelf Velma Peters n/a
53 "Templeton Rye, Wine and 2 XL bacon fest
tshirts" BJ Hoffman $80
54 Indian Doll Velma Peters n/a
55 Single Burner Velma Peters n/a
56 Assorted Rubs and Sauces Duane Cunningham $30
57 Assorted Rubs and Sauces Duane Cunningham $40
58 Laptop bag Velma Peters n/a
59 Coffee pot and 2 travel Mugs Brad Teale & Velma Peters n/a
60 10 Palm Tree Place Mats Velma Peters n/a
61 Monkey Vase and Monkey Box Velma Peters n/a
62 Custom Set of Men's Golf Clubs with Bag Pars and Cigars $350
63 "Horseshoe Cowboy with bottle of
Templeton Rye" "Tom & Charlynn Manhart
Operation BBQ for our
Troops" $60
64 ARCA Pole Award signed by Frank Kimmel Frank Kimmel n/a
65 "Pork Tshirt and Hat, Cutco Knife and $10
off Coupon for pork" Iowa Pork Producers n/a
66 Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill Lew Miller $33
67 Backpack Cooler with Blanket Lew Miller $40
68 Size L Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
69 Size L Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
70 Size XL Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
71 Size XXL Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
72 Size XXL Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
73 Size 3XL Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
74 Size 3XL Cancer Sucks Tshirt & 2 stickers Cancer Sucks Chicago $30
75 "Everything but the Tent: Small Grill,
Rolling Cooler, 2 chairs, charcoal, and
utensils" Tony Burgart and Dale Hoppe $85
76 """Deal Me In"" singing poker dog and 2
decks of cards" Velma Peters n/a
77 Backyarder Set: 3 rubs and a sauce The Slabs $22
78 Backyarder Set: 3 rubs and a sauce The Slabs $22
79 "4 KC Royals Tickets: Can not be used for
these games: opening day, st louis
cardinals, Chicago Cubs, New York
Yankees, & Boston Red Socks" KC Royals $72
80 $25 off The Grill Next Door Order The Grill Next Door $25
81 "Weekend Fun - 4 tickets to Blank Park
Zoo, 4 half price admission to Adventureland,
1 lg casey's pizza and 1 dozen donuts" "Adventureland, Casey's
and Blank Park Zoo" $125
82 "Weekend Fun - 4 tickets to Sleepy
Hollow, 4 tickets to the Iowa State Fair,
1 lg Casey's Pizza and 1 doz donuts" "Casey's, Ia State Fair, and
Sleepy Hollow" $100
83 "10 Buy one get one Fridley Theatres
gift cards" Fridley Theatres $80
84 Weber Smoker Andy & Mary Cleghorn $300
85 Apple Gadget Basket Rod's Team from Wells $700
86 Assorted Chocolate Basket Chocolate Storybook $100
87 Chocolate Storybook Gift Card Chocolate Storybook $100
88 Smokin Bonz BBQ Gift Certificate Smokin Bones $30
89 Smokin Bonz BBQ Gift Certificate Smokin Bones $30
90 Bon Jovi Tickets Clear Channel $160

03-14-2011, 05:01 PM
Thanks to everyone willing to help. I'll reply to the PMs that have been sent, this evening when I get to a PC. Thanks again!

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That didn't work out well! I'm at my Mom's home taking care of some things for her that have kept my covered up since I got here. Of course when I didn't bring the laptop, I should have expected the desktop here to die! I finally made the time to pick up a laptop today, and have sent the Paypal info to those that have contacted me for it. If you haven't received anything from me, please feel free let me know.