View Full Version : Any one compete in Dublin, Ga this wkend?

03-06-2011, 01:05 PM
Did anyone here compete in Dublin, Ga this weekend? It was my first comp ever and my buddies first comp in Ga. We had a great time even with the rain on Sat. I will tell more about it later, I just wanted to see if anyone else was there.

03-06-2011, 06:18 PM
yeah we were there,mojo smokehouse.we tanked this time trying out a new rub and got 21st overall but other than rain we had a good time.Are u goona go to ashburn?

Alan in Ga
03-06-2011, 09:19 PM
We were there and our first comp too 57 Smokehouse BBQ we tanked too 24th overall and we will be in Ashburn too.

03-06-2011, 09:49 PM
Guys, this was MY first ever comp. But my buddy, Brad Kay, has been competing for a few years and it was his first GBA event as well. We are BKBBQ and set up at the corner at the red light. We had a good time, met a lot of super nice people and remember seeing both of you there. We also did not do very well as we finished 22nd overall and were very disappointed. We knew when we were setting the box that we had missed it, but not knowing anything about what the GBA wanted, we just took a shot at it and deviated from what he would normally do. We should have stuck to it. But, we had great time and got interviewed on the local tv and got a show on bbqsuperstars.com, which is a cool website with a lot of good info on it as well. Check it out.

Alan in Ga
03-06-2011, 11:30 PM
We got Interviewed by Darryl as well he follows us on Facebook and told me he shot a video of Brad. Check us out on facebook or at www.57smokehouse.blogspot.com/ (http://www.57smokehouse.blogspot.com/) We hope to see you guys in Ashburn we can sit down and share a beer and some good conversation...

03-07-2011, 09:03 AM
I was there as a judge and that was a tough field in Dublin. The level of competition in the GBA has really taken off in the past year. Don't get discouraged. Talk with some of the GBA vets. They are usually more than willing to help new teams along. Keep working & practicing. It's all about the taste!

Hope to see y'all again soon at a GBA contest.

03-07-2011, 11:03 AM
Kudzu Q was there, as well. We didn't do very well, either, finishing at #15, but if any of the new teams have any questions about GBA, please don't hesitate to ask. It was great cooking next to Alan, and 57 Smokehouse, as well!! We'll be in Albany, GA in 2 weeks, so hope to see some of you there.

03-07-2011, 12:35 PM
i liked getting all the scores and comment cards but it seems i shoulda just concentrated on one meat to do well and get in finals oh well we may be back i gotta figure out why my ribs are tasting like lighter fluid that kinda hurt but honest i hope.may change charcoal i can only taste the smoke but do get a hint of too much coal taste.we had a great time and it was good meeting the ones we did meet.

03-07-2011, 01:13 PM
We were there this weekend. Holy Smokes. Like Glen said, if there is anything we can do to help out we will be glad to. We did not have as good of a cook as we would have liked. We were pleased with the loin, it put u sin the running for grand. We put our ribs on an hour too late and I think our pork sauce was a little to "bold". We hope to see everyone in Albany then Ashburn. Best of luck to all. Gary