View Full Version : Smokin Wood - STL Metro Area

03-04-2011, 08:34 AM
FYI - if you need to get wood for the comp season.

I saw a sign in O'fallon IL, yesterday for "Smokn Cookn Wood"
I jotted down the number and gave the guy a call.
As he explained where he lived, I started laughing because it turns out he only live about a half mile past my house....I just never go that way.

Anyway he has Hickory, Pecan, Mulberry, Cherry, Apple (And possibly Others, I know he had some Sassafras also)
He has chunks and logs.

For the chunks he fills a plastic grocery bag to the brim where you can barely get the handles together for $9...he does weigh it just so you know what you are getting, I got two bags of chunks for $18. One bag weighed 12lbs and the other weighed 15lbs

He gave me some cards and I asked him if he minded if I post his contact info on this forum. He was ok with that so....
His name is Ron Berkbuegler
Cell 618-334-5660

If you're not in the area but interested, I plan on being in Washington MO April 15th to kick off the comp season.
I'd be more than happy to hook anyone up that is interested.