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03-02-2011, 08:40 PM
Hello all

A little background - I have only cooked one whole hog ever. I had a lot on calls last year (my first year catering) for people wanting whole hogs. So first thing I needed was a larger cooker and I needed it for multiple reasons so I decided on a Lang 84. Next I wanted to learn the right way to cook a whole hog so I figure who better to learn from than Myron Mixon. With that said I went to Georgia in January and Lang brought me a cooker to Myron's house while I was taking Myron's class.

A few whole hogs questions as I am getting ready for my first year cooking hogs for catering. Please feel free to add any advice you may have, thanks!

- How do you figure the proper size hog for a crowd? Myron said the 165lb wog we cooked at his house would feed around 125 people, but what is the rule of thumb say dressed weight to per person ratio?
- I have checked with Sysco where I will be getting my hogs and they say that they will come to me frozen. How long will it take to thaw a 125lb-175lb hog? Also what procedure would you use to do so?
- If a 165lb hog takes 21 hours at 250 how much time would be shortened off the cooking time if say a 125lb hog were cooked instead?